A couple weeks ago 2Chainz released his fourth studio album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. This album has the best beats and it is the perfect album to play while driving to the turn up.

The two singles Good Drank and It’s a Vibe are good, but I think that the best track on the album is Realize featuring Nicki Minaj. Both their verses are fire and the hook is perfect. Nicki Minaj said on Instagram that all 2Chainz requested was a hook, but she decided to send him a verse as well. 2Chainz ended up loving the verse and Realize was born.


I also love this song because of the diss to Remy Ma. Minaj raps “See this is chess, not checkers, you can not check the checkers, did Nas clear that "Ether" record? Nah, but I broke Aretha record.” These lyrics reference how ShETHER was pulled from the airwaves, because Remy Ma did not get the Nas sample approved. The last lyric references how Nicki Minaj beat Aretha Franklin's Billboard 100 record earlier this year.

2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj performed Realize at the 1st annual NBA Awards last month. See the video below!

In addition to Nicki Minaj, 2Chainz has good features on his album. Artists include Quavo, Swae Lee, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign and Monica! All those artists are A1. Noteable tracks are Blue Cheese, Trap Check and 4am. All this songs have trap beats that make you want to party and have a good time. 2Chainz explained the inception of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music:


 “I figured why don't I come with something new sound-wise, vocal-wise, confidence-wise that appeals to both spectrums: The beginning of the title, Pretty Girls, and then something I'm a great author at, Trap Music? I'm looking forward to the feedback”.


2 Chainz accomplished the goal of being more mature lyrically, but also providing us with some quality trap music. I must say I'm impressed.

The last track on the album Burglar Bars is extremely deep. The song starts acapella with Louis Farrakhan talking.  Farrakhan says, "As I met 2Chainz a few minutes ago—as I gazed into his face—I felt that I was in the presence of royalty." He goes on, “There’s a certain power presence that he gives off.” After this line, Monica comes in singing before 2Chainz starts to rap about his life and how he became the man he is today. He talks about the struggles he faced with his parents and where he grew up, as well as his NBA dreams. This is the realist track I have heard from him and it really exposes new and old listeners to his origins. 2Chainz said that this album showcases “growth and maturity” and I agree. 

Another significant thing about the new 2 Chainz album is the pink trap house associated with it.. Although the house is not the one on the album cover, 2 Chainz or someone from his entourage leased the house for promotional purposes. The house, which is located at 1530 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, Georgia, has become famous via social media. Fans of 2 Chainz have come from all over to pose in front of the house and take pictures. According to the landlord she had no idea what the 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom house would be used for. Portraits of famous musicians can be bought at the house, and there are nail and hair appointment services available to local residents.


In addition, 2 Chainz turned the house into a free HIV clinic. Dozens of people came over 4th of July weekend and got tested due to the Fulton County Board of Health, and charities Atlanta AIDS and Test Atlanta. Unfortunately, 2 Chainz lease will be up tomorrow and he is responsible for repainting the house and cleaning up all damages.

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