There is so much excitement happening in the music scene these days and it is almost impossible to make it to every event and every show. Red Bull has been hosting a 30 day celebration for a month long for the past three years in Los Angeles and now they are hitting the windy city: Chicago, Illinois. This means that for thirty days straight there will be food, entertainment and an artist performing each day starting November 1st. Everyone the lineup for this is incredible and what I love about it the most is that many of the artists are up and coming.

The event is for Red Bull select members only and is free to join and comes with many perks and discounts on over 200 plus shows and other events. Apparently Red Bull has a new music soundplayer and they are utilizing this event to market the brand and get everyone to listen in. So if you’re living in the midwest do not forget to check out red bull to sign up and join so you can enjoy this month long celebration.

Previous lineups, from ‘30 Days in L.A’, have included artists such as: Pusha T, HAIM, YG, Sampha, Jhene Aiko and so many more, and you guys this is just from 2016. This year Red Bull is also teaming up with Fake Shore Drive, a Chicago based music blog and media company that was founded in 2017, to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary and what better way to do it than at ‘30 Days in Chicago’? On November 4th, Tee Grizzley and special guests will be performing for the anniversary, and that’s what makes this celebration so unique, are the shows within the shows within even more mini fests and shows.


Ok so moment of truth, the lineup for this years, 2017 ‘30 Days in Chicago’ music list. Instead of telling you, Red Bull has released a visual and a bit of an unorthodox trailer of it’s talent for this years fest, so take a look:  

Everyone if you’re in the area, do not forget to join red bull select, you can do so online or at the ‘30 Days in Chicago’ website to purchase your tickets to each show. Each ticket is 15 dollars or less not including taxes so this is truly a show for the people to celebrate!

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