Whether you’ve known someone for years, you have known them for a season or they are family, it is never easy letting people go. Some people can easily cut people off and go on with their lives. However, for more emotional people like me cutting someone off can be a difficult task. Deep down you know you should cut the person off, but you start reminiscing on all the memories you have and suddenly get cold feet. Regardless of memories sometimes people change and you can't continue to be friends with someone who has changed in a negative way. Holding on to unhealthy relationships can be detrimental, so I wanted to give you all five signs that it is time to let someone go:


1. Everything Feels Forced/ You’ve Grown Apart

There are some people that you may only hang out with because you feel like you should. In reality you’d rather be doing something else, because hanging out seems more like an obligation than the fun activity that it once was. If you hang out with your friend and you two no longer have anything in common and hanging out feels awkward, you need to let that friendship go. It is definitely possible for two individuals to grow apart. If you guys have different interests and don’t even like to partake in the same activities what’s the point in forcing a hangout? If a friendship seems forced or you feel like you have grown apart you need to LIG.


2. They Are Always Extremely Negative

When something good happens in our lives what do most of us do? Tell the people close to us! When we tell people close to us what is going on in our lives it isn’t to brag or boost, it is to celebrate with the people who want to see us happy. If every time you tell your friend some news about your life they respond negatively and uninterested that means they are hating on you. Instead of rejoicing with you they find something negative to say to kill your vibe. If someone is doing this they are not your friend and you need to let them go. There should be no room in your life for pessimists or to make it even clearer, haters. If someone is a hater it is usually because they are not happy with themselves and honestly that isn’t your burden to bear. If someone isn’t happy with themselves they wont be able to be happy for you and you should not subject yourself to that kind of treatment from a "friend".


 3. They Never Support You

First and foremost, your friends are supposed to be your biggest fans. One of my friends wrote a book and I instantly bought two copies to support her. Meanwhile, someone else close to her reacted to her coming out with her book super nonchalantly and didn’t even buy it! Little things like that are red flags. If your friend knows you are passionate about something and they don’t support it or even mention it they aren’t your friend period point blank.

4. They Constantly Stress You Out/ Create Drama

If all your friend does is stress you out, they aren’t a good friend. A friend will understand things like you being busy or you not answering their phone call. People that complain and create unnecessary drama shouldn’t be in your life. A real adult friend will understand that no matter how often you talk or hang out you will always be there for them when they need you and the amount of time you spend together doesn’t define the friendship. Another sign that you need to cut someone off is that they judge you. If you find yourself holding back information from your friend because all you receive is constant judgement and negative feedback YOU DON’T NEED THAT. Even if a friend doesn’t agree with you they should never judge you, your life is your life. There is a way to voice disapproval without judging someone.


5. They Don’t Benefit You in Any Way

At some point you have to really sit down and analyze how much a friendship is benefiting you. If you are literally getting nothing from a friendship you need to let that person go. Does this friend give you good advice? Do you have fun with this person? Does this friend stimulate you mentally? Are they there for you when you need them? Or is it one sided… are you giving them things that they aren’t giving you? If this is true then do yourself a favor and cut them loose. No point in carrying dead weight. You have to do what’s best for you and keep only positive influential beings in your circle <3.

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