6lack is pronounced ‘black’. No you didn’t read this wrong and no I’m not talking about any technical terms. 6lack (Ricardo Valentine) is a singer, songwriter and rapper, whose original stomping grounds lie in Maryland. When the rapper was just five years old, him and his family packed up to live their lives in Atlanta Georgia. 6lack’s first recording experience was at the age of 4, in his father’s studio.

  In Jr. High, the young talent began rap battles amongst his peers, and even battled the famous ‘Young Thug’. He taught himself to sing, with inspirations such as, Sade and Usher, and started recording in 2009. Valentine left Valdosta State University, to sign to Flo Rida’s label ‘IMG Strongarm’ in 2011. During that time, he tried learning everything he could about the industry. 6lack’s duration within the label lasted five years, and during that time was either sleeping in the studio or on the streets of Miami.

6lack was discontent at the label. He claimed he would make them hundreds of songs that he was very unhappy with, having no independent freedom as an artist, with so much potential and talent. ‘All I ever heard in that place was “hit record, hit record, hit record, hit record”. I watched so many people go in and out of that studio, they always used to tell me that I was special, that I was next up. All I felt was jailed’, 6lack stated of his time at ‘IMG Strongman.’


The singer left the label and signed with LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records in 2016. Within that same year, 6lack started recording in his kitchen, and came up with his song, ‘PRBLMS’, which has been viewed and listened to over 48 million times on YouTube, and other music outlets, and the song hit number 73 on the ‘Billboard Hot 100’. The singer songwriter released his album ‘Free’ on November 18th, 2016. His album defined so much of where he was at in life, explaining in an interview:

"Being free from my old deal and free from my old relationships, free from my old ways of thinking. It's just kind of a transition period for me. I was stuck in a deal for 4 or 5 years, and this is kind of like my coming out party.”

On the album, ‘Free’ is a great song to listen to, describing how someone feels after they have detached from a bad relationship. But it doesn’t stop there, 6lack gets romantic with his song ‘Getting Old’. Since then, the rapper has released a few singles, ‘Cutting Ties’, amongst others, and is featured on ‘OTW’ with Khalid and Ty Dolla $ign. 6lack is far from finished in the industry and those pipes only keep getting better. Stay tuned to for more updates on 6lack!

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