First off, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Now that holiday shopping and all the chaos is over, I hope everyone has been enjoying their Christmas today.  Besides the gifts and good food, I hope people remembers to keep the “Christ” in Christmas. I started off my Christmas right by going to church yesterday and I am glad I went. I enjoyed a good message, praise dancers and some good Christmas music from the choir, such as a rendition of Joy to the World by Whitney Houston.  Being 24 years old Christmas isn’t as exciting to me, because I’m more cognizant of how much of a Pagan holiday it is. But regardless of that I continue to celebrate, because Christmas is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s birthday. It is the day where Mary and Joseph delivered the messiah in a stable in the town of Bethlehem, because there was no room in the Inn. THIS is why I continue to celebrate Christmas. Not because I want the gifts and the food that only gets cooked on special occasions. I celebrate, because it is important that we don’t forget where we came from and that Jesus was born to give us life. But besides the religious rant (I can talk about my beliefs allllllllll day), there’s some other things I want to address regarding Christmas.

Gift Giving

So every year I go all out on Christmas gifts. Being a Christmas baby (my birthday is two days after) I get super excited for Christmas and the holidays. I usually spend a lot of money and rack up my credit card going all out for the people in my lives. But this year I really didn’t plan ahead. I went on a lot of vacations and didn’t think of how fast the holidays would come. As I’ve talked to people in the same boat, I realized it isn’t that serious. Why use my credit card and put myself in an even deeper hole financially? Yes it is nice to go all out when you can afford it, but if you can’t, don’t do it. The phrase “it’s the thought that counts” can sound cliché AF, but it’s true. Your loved ones will appreciate anything you give them, even if it isn’t expensive or exactly what they want. Sometimes the hand written letters, the favorite snack and the off brand item can mean so much more than the gift you cash out on. It’s all about being thoughtful, but still fiscally responsible. People forget that Christmas is a day. You open gifts, chill with your families and have a good time, but once it’s over, life goes on. Don’t struggle to afford lunch and pay rent the upcoming week, because you wanted to show out and purchase presents above your means. Trust me, coming from someone who always likes to go above and beyond, it is time to stop and understand that the people in your life won’t estimate your love for them based off the price of their gift. And if they do then, forget them!

Family Time

So the biggest thing I regret is neglecting my family during the holidays. Don’t get me wrong I spend time with my family, but some years I catted off to do things with my friends or significant other. This year I am spending all my time with my family and tomorrow I am going to visit my grandma who is currently in a rehabilitation center. Life is too short to not spend time with your family so if your one of those people who has the mindset that you can “spend time with them next year” I want you to dead that mindset right now.

When I went to church yesterday, the pastor told us that a member of the church was having a conversation with his son yesterday and instantly had a heartache and died. Just like that the thirty year old man died two days before Christmas. Turns out he had a heart condition and didn’t even know! I was already on my family hype, but hearing this today put my priorities more in order. Don’t put off spending time with the people you love. Do it now! And honestly, don’t just use the holidays as an excuse, make time for your families throughout the year. I know everyone is busy, but you make time for what you want to make time for.


In conclusion, everyone please enjoy your holiday and be safe. I will be at home eating gumbo and relaxing with the fam. Love ya'll, and thank you for supporting CSUITEMUSIC. Merry Christmas :)



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