Growing up, I was an emo kid and I’ll admit this loud and proud. I, along with my small group of friends, liked all the things that you would find at hot topic (not exactly and for some not at all, but in a nutshell), and of course it was a problem if you were a young girl of color- Anything from our grandparents praying the devil away because our music scared them or our cousins making fun of us because we liked things that were deemed conventionally “white people stuff to like.” And to make matters worse, spaces made revolving around these interests, are in fact made only safe and inclusive for the white population. Not only do you feel isolated at home, but the spaces that carry your interests aren’t safe for you either, and you are left to create your own spaces with other alt kids of color, from all walks of life. Representation in all groups, even the ones that seem small and insignificant, is necessary and inclusive, so it is no wonder why I’m making this ode to alt femmes of color:


1.We love them because they come in all shades, shapes, and sizes

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Like I said before, representation is important and crucial to our communities, even in art and music. Black and brown girls who are part of different social sub cultures celebrate their bodies however they see fit, and in turn the girls and femmes who look like them are encouraged to do the same. There’s someone for each of us to look up to!


2. they have an even wider range of musical tastes and inspirations that they incorporate into their music so every side of you is satisfied.  Did you listen to Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, and Selena? So did your fave alt femme, and it shows in their music.

3.Their style is just <3

4. They show us how multi dimensional woc are and can be. What I think i the best part of all this is that all these femmes express their musical styles, passions, and interests, differently. Within their music, alt femmes of color talk about politics, culture, sex/sexuality, family structures, and even survival from abuse. Of course that is the nature behind music and musical expression, but what makes these femmes special is that express these concepts in ways that are true and meaningful to them, instead of following societal norms.

5.They remind us that you don’t have to pick between your culture and your interests and that being yourself is what makes you, you and carefree! This is an appreciation to alt femmes of color, but in no way does that mean black and brown women who do adhere to more traditional narratives for WOC in music; I love my Cardi Bs, Lil’ Kims, and Trinas, they’re also awesome and also care-free! What all WOC in music continue to do is show the importance of staying true to yourself and embracing musical expression in any way you see fit.

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