The artist spotlight for this specific article will be for, none other than the beautiful: Quiñ. L.A local has made waves in the tough ocean we call ‘the music industry’ but she is far from done. Her origins lie in the Bay Area where she got her start on a gospel choir. Growing up, the Bay Area native had been exposed to music from the start. Both her mom and her dad were artists, her dad being a musician and her mom being a dancer, and by default music was in the genes.

Ms. Quiñ was not always the star she is now, she claimed that back in her gospel days she had quite the attention phobia and very ‘low-key’. Battling with her bashful self for years, Quiñ was finally ready to bless the world with her vocals at the age of 19. One thing is for certain, the Los Angeles based singer does not like being boxed into a category when it comes to her style, her sound and the way she decides to relate to her music. She describes her sound as ‘Fantasy Soul’, because she brings jazz and R&B into a futuristic pop combination.


Quiñ was able to gain some attention with some of her singles on soundcloud. One in particular that I recommend is ‘Dragging Me Down’. The song defines the artist to a tee, with the melodramatic R&B sounds and her auto tuned voice transitions truly bring in her vision of ‘Fantasy Soul’. Amongst some of Quiñ’s other songs, in addition to her soundcloud credibility, she recorded a song with another Bay Area local rapper G eazy titled ‘Thinking About You’ and also released a song with artist Gnash.


After releasing single after single and gaining a huge amount of likes on soundcloud, Quiñ revealed her debut album ‘Galactica’ last October. You guys, every single song on this records hits so hard. ‘Math’ is probably my favorite out of the 8 tracks Quiñ recorded and she even has a feature with G eazy called ‘Over Again’. However, the whole album has this ‘Fantasy Soul’ vibe and Quiñ really does an impeccable job at staying true to her style all in the midst of creating good music.

Alright, so on top of all the music you already have on your ‘to do list’, Quiñ has truly come through not with an album, but with a new EP. Titled ‘Dream Girl’, the five song playlist truly holds down Quiñ’s natural sound with a twist: upbeat fantasy soul. Her single ‘Sticky Situation’ is without a doubt the favorite and features Odd future’s very own Syd, on the track. Other songs, such as, ‘The Beginning’, ‘Sailboat’, ‘BB’ and ‘Happened to Happen’, which features indie pop group from Los Angeles, ‘Buddy’ are also a must to listen to.

What I love about Quiñ so much is how talented and humble she can be all at the same time. She may not be mainstream quite yet, but there is no doubt in our minds it will not take her too long to get there.  

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