Yooooo, I'm sorry everyone but I am, as the youngins say today ‘shook’. A$AP Ferg is truly making a name for himself within the last few years, bringing us banger after banger and after another banger. I'm starting to believe he is the king of making bops (songs to bop your head to, dance to etc). Harlem rapper, belonging to the famous A$AP Mob crew, has taken his solo career to a whole other level.

  Ferg’s solo work paid off after his debut single ‘Work’ was released on the A$AP Mob’s mixtape and went viral. The music video received over two million views. In 2013, the New York resident released his album ‘Trap Lord’, which appeared at number 9 on the Billboard's top 200 chart, with 46 thousand units alone in the United States and took home rookie of the year at the BET awards.

 Alright so amongst many other triumphs in Ferg’s career, on August 18th 2017 he released his album ‘Still Striving’ which is the bee's knees guys. Ok i'm sorry about the 1950’s lingo, but yes it's that good! The very first track in itself, featuring Meek Mill, just slaps so hard. Titled ‘Trap and A Dream’ is so appropriate with the upbeat trap background and fast paced rap style that Ferg has just really sets the tone for ‘Still Striving’.

  ‘Mad Man’ is also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to songs on the album. The track features Atlanta’s very own Playboi Carti. The beat is a little slower, yet still hits hard and the lyrics are even harder: ‘Yamborghini with Aaliyah. Rest in peace til i see her.’ Carti always comes in so hard and his verse truly ties the entire song together. And we truly can not forget, one of the songs I guarantee will go down in history, ‘East Coast Remix’. What makes this specific song special, Ferg actually got Busta Rhymes to go off! That's right everyone, Busta Rhymes comes out with the fire, and even Snoop D-O-G-G (or is it still Snoop Lion?) makes an appearance on the song that you just can not miss.

You guys, all of these songs and features i've mentioned are just the beginning. Ferg also has artists Lil Yachty, Nav, Cam’ron, Dave East, Migos and truly just so many more. And can i just say, I've listened to each and every one of these and they get me so pumped for work, coffee aside. Don’t miss out!!!   

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