MARCH 19TH, 2018 | by Sam Chavarria

Since the beginning of March, three package bombs have gone off in the Austin, Texas, with the intent of harming prominent black families, said the president of the local NAACP to NBC News.


On March 2, Stephen House was killed in one of these events as well as Draylen Mason on March 12; the families of these victims have known each other and have gone to church with one another for a long time now, according to Nelson Linder, the local NAACP president.

The Austin police department agree that the three separate bombings are related but have no lead on a motive. Detectives began investigations into the connections between the two families and relating the victims’ relationships as prominent members of Austin’s African-American community.


While the investigation continues there has been an unsettling feeling around the city of Austin with reports of over 500 reports of suspicious packages since March 12.

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