As if the Black Panther movie wasn’t good enough on its own, it comes a long with a kick ass soundtrack. The Black Panther soundtrack was curated by Kendrick Lamar and includes collaborations from artists such as SZA, 2 Chainz, The Weeknd and SOB X RBE. It was released by Interscope records on February 9th, 2018.

The director of Black Panther Ryan Coogler personally recruited Kendrick for the film’s soundtrack, because of his artistic creativity. Kendrick was initially only going to do a few songs for the album, but when he saw the movie he decided to create it in its entirety. In January 2018 the first single “All the Stars” featuring SZA, was released. The second single “King’s Dead” featuring Jay Rock, James Blake and Future was released later that month and the album’s third single, “Pray for Me” ft. The Weeknd, was released a few days prior to Black Panther’s theater release. The soundtrack debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and remained at the number one spot its second week. The album contains 14 songs and I have to admit I like all of them except one.

My favorite songs from the album have to be “King’s Dead” and “Paramedic.” Other songs worth honorable mention are “Big Shot” and “I Am.” “King’s Dead” is a fan favorite filled with catchy lyrics and a bumpin’ beat. The mixture of talent between Kendrick Lamar, Future, Jay Rock and James Blake make this track the perfect club banger. At 2:45 Kendrick goes OFF  with a verse in the point of view of the film’s antagonist, Killmonger. The lyrics go “Fuck integrity, fuck your pedigree, fuck your feelin's, fuck your culture Fuck your moral, fuck your family, fuck your tribe, Fuck your land, fuck your children, fuck your wives Who am I? Not your father, not your brother Not your reason, not your future Not your comfort, not your reverence, not your glory Not your heaven, not your angel, not your spirit Not your message, not your freedom Not your people, not your neighbor Not your baby, not your equal Not the title y'all want me under All hail King Killmonger.” This verse coincides perfectly to how Michael B. Jordan, the actor who potrays Killmonger, describes the character ;“Killmonger has a by-any-means-necessary kind of attitude. He has a different opinion about how Wakanda should be ran. He has his eyes on the throne, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get there".

Being a Bay Area native I am super excited that Kendrick Lamar decided to include Bay Area artists Mozzy and SOB X RBE. The song "Paramedic" is by far the hardest track on the whole album and I think that up and coming artists SOB X RBE definitely delivered and gave the track a Bay Area vibe. This is a track that makes people want to ghost ride and shake their dreads fasho! This song, like "King’s Dead", is also in the point of view of Killmonger, who is from Northern California just like SOB X RBE and the film’s director Ryan Coogler.

This album is pure greatness. If you have seen the film you will truly understand how much the songs compliment the characters and the story line. In my opinion, Kendrick Lamar and all the artists he selected to collaborate on the album did the movie justice.

Michaela P. Shelton is Managing Editor of CSUITEMUSIC.com

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