April 11th, 2018 | by Aamina Guidry

On March 29, a store clerk shot and killed seventeen year old Dorian Harris for stealing beer from the convenience store Top Stop Shot. The clerk who shot Harris is twenty eight year old Anwar Ghazali who chased Harris out of the store and shot him in his back. Ghazali also stated he didn't even check to see if he had hit anyone and Harris’s body was left lying on the ground until his body was discovered two days later.


Ghazali had reportedly walked back in the store and stated to a witness, “I think I shot him,”. Ghazali also told police that he thought he had shot at Harris several times. He has been charged with first degree murder and is in the process of going through trial this week.


Family members stated Harris usually went to the store and did odd jobs for the store owner. The day he was killed he stopped by before he was going to his cousin’s house where he would have spent the night, family members claimed.


It's disgusting to know that the man who killed Harris, Anwar Ghazali, didn’t even bother to check if he had shot someone and a child’s body was laying on the ground for two whole days. It’s unfortunate many cases like this continue to happen, and even worse that it is happening to kids, who shouldn't be subjected to this type of prejudice and gun violence.

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