Last week I attended the Bruno Mars 24k Magic Tour at the SAP Center in San Jose. I knew that Bruno would put on an amazing show, but his performance exceeded my expectations. Hundreds of fans lined up outside the stadium excited to see the “Versace on the Floor” singer and his Hooligans. At 8PM his opening act Camila Cabello took the stage and I must say she was a perfect opening act. She sang her hits including “Bad Things” and “Crying in the Club" and the crowd went wild. 






After Camilla exited the stage, Bruno and his Hooligans came out and delivered an A1 performance. The stage set up had all the bells and whistles including, colors, flashing lights and explosions. He opened with “Finesse” and subsequently performed everyone's fav “24k Magic.” The energy that was projected was unbelievable. Bruno and his Hooligans were so crisp and precise. I usually get annoyed when I hear "24k Magic", but that night I couldn’t help but turn up. The next song that Bruno performed was my favorite song by him, "Treasure". After singing this song in the shower since 2012, it was epic hearing it performed live.

I liked Bruno’s show mainly because he is a dope performer. There was some type of routine for every song and it wasn’t just him standing in front of a mic. Even when Bruno was singing his ballads, the Hooligans were jamming in some way. His squad is truly the best and I like how they are all extremely talented. The Hooligan's voices varied different ranges and I was getting life from hearing them hit high notes. Some of them were practically on Bruno’s level!

There is no way I can end this review without mentioning Bruno’s guitar skills. His performance of “Calling all my Lovelies” was so on point! Hearing him sing those high notes, not one crack in his voice was everything. The old school dance moves the Hooligans were hitting on the side added another level. After singing the song Bruno went into the phone interlude where he calls Halle Berry and gets her voicemail. However, he switched it up for the live performance and acted out himself leaving a voicemail. His sexy voice had all the girls in the audience screaming! It was great.

Going to a Bruno Mars concert should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list.  I know that ticket prices are expensive as hell, but honestly it’s worth it. People will buy tickets for cheap concerts very frequently and avoid expensive ones. Have you ever heard quality over quantity? An extravagant concert is an investment, so make sure you buy tickets to see Bruno Mars if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

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