Bryson Tiller’s second album, “True to Self”, was released at the end of May. I think it is a perfect follow up to his first album, “Trapsoul”. The new album navigates through his relationship with the mother of his daughter and his newfound fame.

The Rain sample from SWV for the introduction was a perfect way to begin the album. Tiller sings about how all he wants to do is be with his girl, but she constantly thinks he is cheating or messing around. You can tell that the couple has been through a lot, but Tiller reinsures his girl that everything will be okay. This serves as an overview for the album.

The next track No Longer Friends describes the beginning of Tiller’s relationship with his girl. It is the story of Tiller being friends with a girl who has a boyfriend and his development of feelings over time. There is dialogue between his girl and her boyfriend who accuses his girlfriend of cheating when she refers to Tiller as her “brother”. I feel like a lot of people can relate to this track, because a lot of people have fallen for someone in a detrimental relationship, and has to watch the person continue get treated less than they deserve.

Don’t Get Too High is my favorite track on the album. I like this track, because it shows Tiller’s vulnerability to his girl. He wants her to stop partying and drinking so much and to spend more time with him instead.  He claims that he is the only drug she needs and I think it is super romantic. My favorite lyrics in the song is “I always tell you don't get too high, Don't drink too much, don't smoke too much, Tell me if it's cool if I come by and keep you up, I show you love, I show you love.” The fact that he sounds so territorial shows how much he cares about this girl.

In Check is also a good song. In this song Tiller describes how he needs this girl to keep him on track and how he would have avoided certain mistakes if she would have been there at that point in his life. The track pauses and rewinds with him saying “I love you”. This shows that he knows that if he would of just committed and been serious before, she could of helped him stay grounded.

Tiller is literally taking us through the stages of his relationship with this girl and all the emotions he felt. Other notable tracks on the album include Stay Blessed, Teach Me a Lesson and the Nevermind This Interlude.

Songs that I am not a fan of include Blowing Smoke and Money Problems/ Benz Truck. I’m just not a fan of Tiller talking about his fame and having to check people who are hating. I prefer the soulful tracks. Some artists like Drake can switch it up, but I feel like Tiller should stick to the RnB tracks. Him saying the n word repeatedly in “Blowing Smoke” just makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel like he’s trying to be hard and I am not convinced.

Somethin Tells Me is the first single on Tiller’s album. In this song he finally realizes that his relationship with the girl he was singing about throughout the entire album is probably not going to last. I really liked this album, because it was very conclusive and most of the tracks played an important role. On the outro Always Tiller reiterates how he isn’t giving up on his girl and he could never get over her. The emotion in this outro is everything and I truly feel like Tiller delivered lyrically.

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