Why Kanye West Supporting Trump is Stupid and Problematic 

11/18/2016 by Michael Payton

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Kanye West may be one of the most prolific recording artists of the modern era. Not only is he always on the cutting edge creatively, he’s also known for being very very (very, very) outspoken. And love him or hate him, everybody feels a way about ‘Ye, but at least they feel something. Well, people are certainly all in their feelings about Yeezus now. As most of you know, Kanye went on an hour long rant at his Saint Pablo Tour in San Jose, CA this past Thursday, during which he proclaimed that not only did he not vote in the presidential election, but that if he did, he would have voted for Trump. Stop right there, ‘Ye. Say what? This can’t be true. A wait, there’s evidence.

Look, I promise you will not find a bigger Kanye West fan than me. I have every album from College Dropout to TLOP. I often find myself randomly quoting Kanye lyrics as part of my everyday life. Whenever I hear people talking bad about ‘Ye, I’m defending the man tooth and nail, enthusiastically explaining to Kanye haters how the man is just a misunderstood genius and how everybody is going to see in a hundred years from now! But I have to say, this - this is indefensible. And to be honest, not even just because he said he would have voted for Trump had he voted (we’ll get to that in a minute), but the keyword here is had he voted. Had.

The real breaking news story here is that Kanye West, a man who has said repeatedly that he intends to run for President of the United States in 2020, did not vote at all in this very important and historic election. Why didn’t he vote? Can someone please explain that to me? What could Kanye have been doing that was so important that he couldn’t cast his vote? He could’ve cast a mail in ballot if he was unable to stand in line at the polls on election day. How can someone who wants to be president show total disregard for the democratic process, especially one that was so important and consequential. Even if he didn’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton (who he and his wife Kim appeared to be in support of early on, as pictured below), if he really was feeling Trump like that, why didn’t he just cast his vote for the New York billionaire?

And that brings me to my final point. How could someone like Kanye West, who throughout his entire career has stood against racism, social division, homophobia, etc. stand in front of a sold out BAY AREA crowd and proclaim that he supports Donald Trump - someone who blatantly exploited xenophobia, racism, sexism, among other things during his campaign? I just don’t get it. I’d like to hear more of Yeezy’s side of the story. Maybe he was just saying this to be provocative… to get attention… to cause a stir in the media and online as I’m sure he know it would. But either way, his apparent support of Donald Trump has to be hurtful to the millions of fans who like Kanye, but represent those same groups that Trump is looking to oppress. I just hope that someone can school Kanye on why his words are so troubling to us Yeezy followers. But if Kanye has decided that his views are more in line with those of Mr. Trump, then I’m sorry ‘Ye, this one fan of yours can’t rock with that.

Michael Payton is Editor-in-Chief of CSuiteMusic.com

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