JULY 19TH 2018 | by Michaela Green

Find out what Cash Campain has in the works for us, from his new single, New Day to his upcoming album Somerset.

Michaela Green: What Inspired The Record?

Cash Campain: I had a lot on my mind and felt like I  had a breakthrough moment. At one point I realized what I was going through. It's like when it’s raining all week and then finally the sun comes out suddenly. That's how I felt when I heard the beat for New Day, it felt like a new day.

What story are telling us with "New Day?

That you can meet somebody that makes you feel refreshed. You can be going through something and once you finally come out of you realize the purpose they really play in your life.


It's important to value the positive aspect people bring to your life. It’s like if I were to Be so out of it that I didn't realize you were the cure for everything I was going through.


Is this song Inspiration Real Life Related?

Yes, in a sense that I think I found my light again after going through a little bit of a dark place and when I made the song is when I was coming out of that place.

Record Producer + Feature

Hokagesimon is not a traditionally trained producer. This time around I really wanted real Musicians that make music. I wanted someone who could create the beat through things like guitar melodies. Not look for beat makers but people who make music from the ground up, scratch.  


Casey Cope is in my  bad boy gang crew composed of five of us. Casey is the rapper in the group. Casey and I were looking to make a song together for a minute. One night I told him to come to the studio and we would figure it out and then I got the New Day beat. We are both true artist and really flow with one another. I think we did the record in pretty much one take.

Is there an upcoming album?

Yes! I'm tired of putting albums out in the winter time. I want to drop an album in the spring and ride it through the summer. Thinking of dropping this next album in the springtime of next year. The next album will be called Somerset.


Album Theme - John Hinkle Park

When I was in my dark place I would go to that park and sit there. Because it was so secluded I would see so many things happen. Kids would go to the park to smoke or sell drugs, people dog walking, dates, etc.. It was my safe place where I could just experience life and not be bothered with a beautiful view. The park is at the end of the street called Somerset.

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