July 16th, 2018 | by Aamina Guidry

Protests erupted in Chicago after a police officer fatally shot an armed black man on Saturday Night. Harith Augustus was approached by police while officers were on patrol and noticed him. They claimed to have suspicions that he was carrying a gun underneath his shirt.

Patrol Chief Fred Waller of Chicago Police stated to reporters, “When they approached him, he tried to push their hands away. He started flailing and swinging away, trying to make his escape. And as he was making his escape, reached for his weapon.”


Body camera footage was just released showing how four officers approached Augustus. He was shoved with his back to a police vehicle, when he gets away to flee towards the street, he appeared to be reaching for his weapon. An officer then shoots him an unknown number of times.

The video does not show if Augustus had pulled his pistol prior to the shooting, but it is confirmed the officer who shot him was white as are the two other officers. The fourth officer involved in the incident appears to be black.

Soon after the shooting a storm of protests erupted throughout Chicago with people yelling “murderer” and “no justice, no peace.” The Grand Crossing neighborhood, which is predominantly black South Side, protesters clashed with police carrying batons leading to four arrests.


Many videos made it to social media, showing one man who was shoved to the ground while police officers wave batons at the crowd. Police had rushed the protesters causing minor injuries along with the four arrets.


Police said in a statement that the officer who shot and killed Augustus will be placed on a 30 days of administrative duty, which is a routine decision after police are involved in a shooting.


It is expected more protests will continue Monday since the body cameras have been released.

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