The Claws are out. Our very own Niecy Nash, one of the stars from Reno 911, takes us by surprise as the new lead role in the summer series ‘Claws’. The cast is full of familiar faces, along with new ones joining the hollywood scene. ‘Claws’ takes place under the sun in Miami, where Niecy Nash’s character ‘Desna’ owns her own salon and gets caught up in the middle of some trouble and some drama that you do not want to miss.

 Nash’s character, Desna, owns her own salon along with a few of her friends, and is in pursuit of buying a brand new salon, in a new location, for a better quality of life for her, her girls and her brother Dean. One of the aspects that makes this show so amazing is that Desna’s younger brother is autistic, played by Harold Perrineau, and it capitalizes on the struggles and complications an older sibling has to go through to help raise and guide a person with autism.

 The show emphasizes on the fact that, Desna, is dating a bad boy drug dealer, who constantly leans on Desna to do his dirty work for him. However her drug dealer boyfriend ‘Roller’ is not her worst nightmare. In fact his supplier ‘Uncle Daddy’, played by Dean Norris from Breaking Bad, is the man Desna has to answer to.

Producers for the show, like Will McCormack (known for the film ‘Elf’), George Paaswell (known for ‘Notorious’), Luis Patiño (produced ‘True Blood’) and none other than famous actress Rashida Jones, amongst others, work together to create a show full of suspense and excitement and boy do they deliver.

 The rest of the cast, such as Judy Reyes from Devious Maids, plays Desna’s right hand and does everything to make sure she has her best interest at heart along with helping Desna with her younger brother Dean. Karrueche Tran makes her acting debut as ‘Virginia’ who plays the new girl in Desna’s salon.

Through thick and thin, the girls do everything possible to help get Desna and the rest of the crew out of some hot water, and the jumps and leaps they take in order to do so will blow your mind. And not to mention Niecy Nash, you looking good girl!!  

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