I want to talk about something that’s been bothering me for a while now. If you couldn’t guess from the title it’s about Kap. I know how everyone feels about him kneeling for the flag, and “disrespecting” veterans. Most of you would probably say, “He should just keep his mouth shut, because he was never poor, or he’s making this amount of money doing football.” Yes, he is a football player, and he plays on one of the biggest stages of this fine and beautiful country. I just have to say this one thing, are you all on crack?


My biggest issue with this, is that most of you keep saying he is disrespecting our veterans, which he isn’t. As a matter of fact, a lot of veterans out there approve of what he is doing. Why? Well its simple, they are fighting for his right to do so. Not only that, he has come and told us what he is fighting for. Police brutality in America. Now the way I see it, if you choose to ignore something that’s occurring on a global scale, and yes, I do mean global because it’s not just happening in America, then you are only adding to the issue.


 Now to answer your question I am not anti-cop, I believe that there are a lot of good police out there and more who mean well. However, the training system they go through is obviously not enough to prepare some of these people that we see in these videos killing innocent people. Not only that I don’t care how good you are, if you do not reprimand these few people breaking the law then you are also a part of the problem. Props to those who do. Just to reiterate I have a respect for all of our brothers in blue for putting their own life on the line. But I digress, getting back to the point this is what Kaepernick is fighting for.


My second point on this matter is that you shouldn’t have a problem with him for standing up for the safety of our American citizens, just because he plays football. To me that is just ridiculous. Colin Kaepernick is in the best position possible to do this, because he was on the screen everyone knows him, especially now even if you don’t watch the sport. At first, he didn’t know what to do, that’s why he knelt, and when asked about it he gave a very well thought out answer in my opinion. However, now he has put in more work to help educate the community and tell us about these unalienable rights that we all have, that not all of us even know exist. He is meeting with police and donated millions to help the community. But the only thing you can see is how he knelt and disrespected the flag. I need you to take off your blinders, stop looking at him as only a means to help out your fantasy team and get on the wagon to helping make our country great.


 I’ll leave you all with this. If you want to make America a great place for everyone, then we have to be more involved as a community. I’m not talking just city to city, town to town, but the whole country. If you love this country as much as you claim, then get out of the house support small businesses, volunteer your time at a youth center, help out at agricultural events, clean up the beaches, reform our police department and educational institutes. Stop looking in the mirror dreaming of the person you want to be and just get out there and be that person.

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