Sevyn Streeter’s debut album Girl Disrupted was released earlier this week. Sevyn’s voice is amazing, but features from Dej Loaf, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa make the album even hotter. My favorite songs from the album include “Peace Sign”, “Soon As I Get Home” and “Before I Do.” Peace Sign is a super sexy song that I could totally see someone giving a lap dance to. I love this song because it reminds me of “Sex on the Ceiling” which is another sensual song by Sevyn that I love. I like “Soon As I Get Home” because I am a fan of the original version by Faith Evans and I like how Sevyn put her spin on it and gave it an upbeat tempo. “Before I Do” is one of my favorites, because you can directly hear the Aliyah inspiration. The song reminds me of “At Your Best” and I really hope Sevyn creates more tracks like this throughout her career.

“Present Situation” featuring The Dream is a dope track. The song is about someone being used as a rebound and I feel like everybody can relate to being used and not knowing how to address the situation. You’re stuck, confused and upset trying to figure out what to do next. This track showcases how talented and real of a writer Sevyn is.

Overall I really love this album and I feel like it was definitely worth the wait. 

I always knew who Sevyn Streeter was, but I never really paid attention to her. I knew she came out with the single “I Like It” and that she was Chris Brown’s artist, but I wasn’t really interested in hearing her music. However, earlier this year I heard her single “My Love For You” and I instantly fell in love with her voice. I went and listened to every single song she has and I must say I was upset that I had been sleep on this woman.“B.A.N.S”, “Just Being Honest” and “Next” are a few of my favorite songs by her, but honestly there’s very few songs of hers I do not like.

Via Spotify I noticed that Sevyn was having a show in Oakland a month from that day! Without even thinking about it I went and purchased a ticket to the show and a meet and greet pass. The total came to $75 but I didn’t care. I was going to get a chance to see and meet my new favorite singer! The greatest part about it was that she was coming to the New Parrish in Oakland, which is a super small venue, so i knew the performance would be intimate. The Girl Disrupted Tour was to promote her upcoming debut album, which didn’t have a release date at the time.

After I purchased my ticket I immediately tweeted and @ Sevyn. I didn’t think she’d see the tweet, but she responded and I almost lost it. The fact that she responded made me love her even more. She has thousands of followers and still took the time to respond to little ole’ me! I respect her so much as an artist.

Sevyn was so goofy and down to earth! We had a brief conversation before taking the picture and I knew that she was about to put on an amazing show. When Sevyn started to perform I pushed my way to the front and got directly in front of her. From my spot I could see her set list which was placed on the stage in the corner. Sevyn was literally performing every single one of her hits. When she responded to my tweet she promised I would get my money's worth and I definitely feel like I did. 


I know all the words to Sevyn’s songs so I was singing the entire time. Mid song Sevyn stopped, looked at me and said “Damn you singing loud as hell!” I was so happy that she noticed me. I sing her songs, because I really feel them. Her acknowledging me, tweeting me, taking a picture with me and performing directly in front of me made this night a night I will never forget.

In conclusion, if you like real soulful RnB music like I do, listen to Girl Disrupted. Don’t sleep on Sevyn like I did, because I know she will blow up even bigger than she is now. This is only the beginning.

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