Artist Spotlight: Stevo The Weirdo - "3AM" (Prod by AdotTheGod)

2/13/2017 by  CSuiteMusic Staff

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January 29, 1987, a child was born. Steven Thompson would later...also known as now, be better known by his stage name Stevo The Weirdo.  Born in Ox Hill, Maryland as an army brat, Stevo was able to travel and reside in cities all over the world and some that aren't. After living places like Okinawa, Atlanta, Pandora, New York, San Diego, The Lost City of Atlantis, San Francisco and more, Stevo now calls Portland, Oregon home. 

Music in general, but more so the hip-hop culture, has always played a major role in Stevo's life.  Growing up in a home filled with hip-hop comma r&b comma funk and even gospel it was no surprise when he chose a path in freelance gynecology. While vacationing at Savannah Juvenile Detention Center, The Weirdo gambled cigarettes to win writing utensils to scribe his life story on his cell walls.  


Challenged by his peers to keep the average Atlanta style and sound,Stevo decided to follow his own direction... a weird one. By developing his own creative and unique sound, Stevo and his "Weirdoze" movement have garnered tons of attention for such a new and upcoming artist. 

After releasing his debut project "Pardon My Jet Lag"  followed by "The Appetizer" then "iNFLENCED", Stevo was inspired by the positive response he received from listeners, blogs and fellow artist. After making a name for himself in the local hip-hop scene Stevo went on to doing alongside artist such as Kevin Gates, Kid Ink, YG, Berner, Devin The Dude, Futuristic, Chevy Woods, Audio Push and more.

Now having decided to pursue a career in music full-time, Stevo feels that he has the necessary talent, work ethic, and team around him to take his "Weirdoze" movement to the next level. 


His latest project entitled "STW", with features from artist Myke Bogan, Blossom, and Spoon is currently available on SoundCloud. in bio are based off of actual events that may or may not have taken place.


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