Industry Spotlight: Media Personality Melissa Mushaka Wants Her Light to Shine 

9/23/2016 by CSuiteMusic Staff

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Melissa Mushaka is doing things her way. Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Texas, the rising media personality and Huffington Post contributor is an example of believing in yourself and being driven by your passion. She has created a platform to inspire others to follow their dreams while simultaneously following hers. She has interviewed some of the top names in the music business today, including, but not limited to Charlemagne the God, G-Eazy, and Fat Joe just to name few. 


In her interviews, she doesn’t just focus on headlines or gossip; instead she delves into the “come up” story of the person she’s interviewing to give her viewers inspiration they need to follow their own journey. We were so inspired by her work that we wanted to know about her, and thought her story could inspire our readers just as much as the celebrities she covers. We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Ms. Mushaka to talk about how she got started, where she sees herself and her brand going, and advice for those who are trying to make it in the industry. So if you’re an aspiring media personality, we suggest you take notes!

CSuiteMusic: When and how did you get your start working in media? What sparked your initial interest in the field?

Melissa Mushaka: I got my official start working in media in December 2009, in which I landed my first job in TV as a PA working on VH1’s John Mayer Storytellers. From that show it just grew to my next freelance gig which was NBA ALL Star Dallas in 2010 the the next gig after that was a really big one for me (being new to the game) which was VH1’s Hip Hop Honors Award Show. From there is just continued to grow yet, I always knew that media chose me and I was meant to utilize my God given gifts within this field beyond behind the camera. My ability to naturally connect with people is what sparked my initial interest. How can I do what I love, which is connecting with others + getting to know their stories from a genuine place and share that with others. Thus the journey to figuring that out began!

What do you wish to accomplish with All Things Media?

I wish to pioneer the digital platform as a media personality.No topics  should be off limits and on someones hardest day they can turn to my page and see light and feel the motivation to take another step within their own arduous journey. 


You've done interviews with many influential people in the industry - recently you sat down with Charlemagne the God of the Breakfast Club and MTV. What are some common traits of success that you have observed/gathered from some of the people you have interviewed?

Melissa Mushaka: The question that you are asking me, is actually one of my favorite ones to ask others. So it is a bit surreal to be asked this of myself yet if 2016 has taught me anything is you really have to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. That is something I used to hear and understood, yet never fully ingested until I stepped out doing my own series, interviewing people and feeling this light go off within every interview like “yes you can do this Melissa, you are actually really good” Trusting that feeling has helped me a lot and saying things like I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me has helped a lot as well. Many influential people too carry a deep conviction within them that they know they are meant for more. G-Eazy knew at a young age which he shared with me. Charlemagne knew after getting in trouble and turning his life around. Fat Joe was the same, it’s the ability to have a belief that starts so deep inside of you and then relentlessly bring it to life.  

Speaking of your interviews, one of the things we notice is that you do not focus on gossip or the typical things most bloggers would draw to - you tend to focus on the individual's grind and rise to success. It may sound like an obvious question, but why do you feel it is so important to get those kinds of stories out?

Really.....I spent so much time lost and feeling confused as well as doubting myself, I have always wanted to know how others have done it.  Reading autobiographies is my favorite still. Movies based on true stories inspire me. That question never gets old to me. So now having the opportunity to ask successful people that I admire how did they do it, in person fuels me. Then to be able to make a real connection with them and share that with others is what I call purpose - my purpose. I have never been drawn to gossip even in my circle of friends. I was known as the “I can tell you anything” friend because I love to listen and advise others to be better from whatever place they are having friction in. There is enough junk in the world, what if we added some positive uplifting content. It may not stick right away but those who need it will find their way to this organic material.


What are some of the challenges, if any, you have faced while building your brand?

(Laughs) Challenges will always be there is what I have [realized]. Period. Most of the behind the scenes that take place to make many of these interviews happen many of you wouldn't even believe. Which goes back to doing something you love has to be from a place at times so deep inside of you that YOU believe to keep you going when things seem and feel so crazy. There are a lot of moving parts with doing interviews, so getting all of those to connect is one challenge. Monetizing what I am doing and not settling on my vision for money is another challenge. And at the same time just keep going when I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel - just feel that light is coming.

What's some good advice could you give to someone who is trying to do what you do?

Keep uplifting go-getters around you. Going for what you want will take sacrifice period. I found some people around me who I thought would understand that didn't. People questioned me at times and that was not what I needed in those moments. You may feel a bit crazy because, at times, ​only you may be onboard with your vision and that’s ok. Keep going with what you know to be the best direction for you and the rest will fall into place. Don't always worry about the how. AJ Calloway from [Extra correspondent and former BET 106 & Park host] gave me incredible advice in 2015 during this event we were both at - at a point in my life I was feeling a bit lost. He looked at me and said, “You have the power to make this happen, don't talk just DO.” I have held onto that ever since.

If people want to join your team and your movement how can they get involved?

Thats a great question actually. As time goes on and things keeping moving faster, logistical help is always a plus. I would love to bring on people who are truly passionate about growing, whether it’s in production management, video editing or  organizing on set details. Everything we learn is a skill set that can be applied to the next challenge we are given.


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