Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Appearance to Present Katy Perry Award at Unicef Fundraiser

11/30/2016 by CSuiteMusic

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In only her second public appearance since losing the election, Secretary Hillary Clinton shocked attendees at the Unicef Fundraiser in NYC by showing up to present Katy Perry with an award. The "Roar" singer and Unicef Ambassador was being honored with the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award. 

Hillary, to everyone's surprise, emerged on stage to present Katy with the award. In her introduction of Katy, Clinton said that was "someone whose powerful voice and creative lyrics remind us, when you get knocked down, to get back up."

The singer reportedly broke down in tears while watching Mrs. Clinton give her remarks. Katy, as most would recall, was an ardent supporter of HRC during the 2016 presidential campaign, singing at the closing night of her Democratic National Convention, and was scheduled to sing on election night, until the results became clear.

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