Bay Area R&B Star Netta Brielle Takes Us on Her Highway to the Top on ​880

8/31/2016 by CSuiteMusic Staff

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Too often it is said that the Bay Area gets overlooked when it comes to fledgling artists taking their talents mainstream. That myth has recently been debunked with the recent emergence of stars such as IAMSU, G-Eazy, Zendaya, Kehlani, just to name a few, proving that the Bay can compete with any region when it comes to star power. And if you’re looking for who’s “next up” in that category, one need not look any further than Netta Brielle. 

Netta Brielle is one of the most talented R&B singers coming out of the Bay Area music scene. But please don’t think this young songstress’ appeal is limited only to the place where they ghostride the whip and go dumb. No. Like the aforementioned artists above, Ms. Brielle’s appeal is wide; giving her a unique ability to reach mainstream audiences, all while maintaining her Bay Area swagger. Make no mistake, Netta Brielle is R&B. Her sweet sultry vocals, range, and music selection will put you to mind of that familiar classic R&B sound of the 90s that we all miss so much these days; all the while remaining fresh, current, and feeling like something altogether new. 

Last year her, she released her project 580 which spawned the hit single “3xKrazy” (Remix) featuring IAMSU was blaring out of every car, pair of headphones, and radio airwaves. Gearing up for the release of her new EP880, which will be released September 9th and is available for pre-order now on iTunes, Netta is back with more bangers which are sure to keep her current fans happy, and attract a whole new influx of new ones. Lead by the feel good, and very catchy single “My Boo,” released earlier this summer, she’s letting fans and the industry alike know that her trajectory is all the way to the top. We caught up with Netta Brielle to talk about her new project, and to get a better sense of who this star-on-the-rise really is.

When did you start singing?

I don't truly remember when I started singing as it seems like music, poetry & art has always been apart of my life. I feel like I was born with a passion for it so it was automatically in me. I started off rapping as a young girl (which a lot of people don't know) and it somehow transitioned into singing. My mom says I was singing "Love Me In A Special Way" on key at about two years old, and she new I had something special at that point.

Who or what was your biggest influence for wanting to do music?

My biggest influence has to be my family. God & my family are always at the head of what I do. Growing up wasn't easy for my family with my mom being a single parent and my dad passing when I was 11. I was very close with my grandmother who passed recently but she sometimes battled with mental illness after going deaf before I was born. I always looked at my music as my outlet, release & a way that would make me rich one day for my family.

How would you describe your style?

My style is simply real R&B. Some soul, mixed with a little hip hop & touch a of pop. Music you can feel, and see yourself in.

What are your thoughts on the Bay Area music scene?

I am so proud of the recent recognition the Bay Area has been receiving; in fact I'm like "FINALLY" (laughs)! So many amazing artist making their mark on the world while representing the Bay. I love it & I'm more than ready to do the same.

The Bay has such an enormous amount of talent, but most don’t get the shine they deserve. What would you say it is about your music that connects to the people the way it does?

I write & sing from my heart, and speak on issues that I feel like people can relate to. I tell my story through my music, something I had to work really hard at getting comfortable with. From heartbreak, to love, to motivation I speak my truth.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry?

I think there's less structure now, no rules. Now days, you have to flood the market consistently with new content & music or you could quickly be forgotten about (unless you’re down for a reality show or two). Social media also plays a massive part in the process now, it's just all shifting but I'm moving with the wave (laughs).

Your last project was titled 580, your new EP is titled 880, both are popular interstates that connect to almost every city in the Bay. What was the thought process behind the naming of each project?

I feel like I get my best ideas while driving in my car while also finding clarity in my thoughts. Sometimes I wanna run away, sometimes I feel like music is chasing me, sometimes I'm going & going with no destination. I feel like I'm a voice for the young girls in the Bay - and around the world actually - that may have grew up like me. Those freeways also represent the idea of "you can go anywhere" or "there's a way out" and more importantly "never forgetting where or what you came from."

How would you say 880 differs from 580? What direction are you going in with the new project? What would you like for this one to accomplish?

I feel like 880 isn't as heavy because I'm currently not in that 580 place at the moment. 580 was about yearning for love, heartbreak, death, overcoming etc.. 880 is about pushing through, wanting love but not having time for it just yet. Getting "my shit" together is the main focus, but also slipping up every now and again. Pushing through.

Who are some of the artists and/or producers you worked with on 880?

On 880 have production from Tario, Trackademiks, and of course Traxamillion.

If you could work with any artist or group, dead or alive, who would it be?

Missy Elliott & Usher.

When it’s all said and done, what would you like to have accomplished in career?

So much and probably too much to mention at the moment (laughs). For now though, I'll just say I want to buy my mom her very own home. Minor to some but huge to me.


Netta Brielle's EP 880 is available September 9th. Pre-order now on iTunes

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