President Trump Tells Respected African-American Reporter to Do What at His Press Conference?!

2/16/2017 by  CSuiteMusic Staff

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In a hastily conceived news conference this morning, President Trump went on a complete tirade. Instead of focusing on issues that Americans care about, he tongue-lashed the media about how "unfair" their coverage of his administration is. 

He admitted that, while the leaks that lead to the resignation of his National Security Adviser Mike Flynn were real, the news reports covering the leaks were "fake news"... Yeah, we're still trying to process that logic too. 

To top it off, the President had what can only be described as a completely insulting and bizarre exchange with esteemed journalist and White House correspondent April Ryan. When she questioned Mr. Trump about whether or not he would reach out to members of the Congressional Black Caucus to talk about urban issues, the President of the United States told her to set up the meeting. Huh?!

April Ryan, who is African-American and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, told the President that it is not her place to set up such meeting and that she is just a journalist. The President, however, insisted that Ryan set up the meeting, asking her "do you know any of them?"

By anyone's account, this entire press conference was very unique, and to some, quite strange. You can watch the exchange with April Ryan and President Trump in the video below.

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