I woke up this morning and went on Instagram. What did I see? The best news I could get on a Monday… Nicki Minaj is going on tour! And guess who she’s co- headlining with? FUTURE! The tour is called NICKIHNDRXX and will start in North America in September and wrap in Europe in March of 2019. In addition to this news, Nicki also released a new single today “Rich Sex” featuring none other than her mentor Lil’ Wayne. This song goes sooooo hard! If you like songs like “Only” and “Truffle Butter,” you will for sure love “Rich Sex.” Honestly I expected nothing less from Nick and Tunechi.


It all started on April 12th, which will forever be known as #NickiDay. That is the day when Nicki Minaj came out of hiding (she had disappeared from the public eye and social media for like four months) and released not one BUT TWO singles. Since then, “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz” have climbed up the charts and been extremely successful. To follow up, Nicki released music videos for both songs and also performed on Saturday Night Live. But that’s not all… since her return to the spotlight Nicki has been featured on songs from artists such as Young Thug, Playboy Carti, Post Malone and YG. Clearly she shows no signs of slowing down. She has not released an album since 2014 and her fans (which she refers to as Barbz if you ain't know) are thirsty for more.

On the Red Carpet at the Met Gala, Nicki had a message for her fans- her new album is called Queen and is dropping June 15! Everyone went crazy hearing that Nicki Minaj’s fourth studio album would finally be released. However, a few weeks later Nicki went live on Instagram to let fans know the highly anticipated album was pushed back to August 10th. Fans were disappointed at this news, but once Nicki revealed that she has a documentary coming, a tour and that she would be hosting listening sessions in her studio for fans to hear the album, all was forgiven. She also revealed that she will continue her #StudentOfTheGame initiative she started last year, which awards some of her fans with money for college. This initiative in itself is concrete proof that this woman is the queen!

Nick announced today that her second single for Queen will be released this Thursday. The track titled “Bed” is featuring none of than the pop sensation and oh so talented artist, Ariana Grande. Nicki and Ariana have so much chemistry when it comes to music. The tracks “Side to Side”, and “Get on Your Knees” were slaps and I’m pretty sure that this one will be too. Nicki and Ariana are also about to release a track called “The Light is Coming” which will be on Ariana’s new album. I am here for this dynamic duo!


Make sure to get your tickets for the NICKIHNDRXX tour! Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow and tickets are on sale to the general public on June 15th.

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