Movie Review: Does Almost Christmas 

​Live Up to the Hype?

11/16/2016 by Michaela Shelton

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Just in time for the holidays, David E. Talbert comes through with a Christmas dramedy. The movie, Almost Christmas, stars familiar faces such as Danny Glover, Mo’Nique and Gabrielle Union. This movie, which was released on November 11th, is about a dysfunctional family who reunites for the holidays in the house of their widowed father.

The movie overall was okay. Although there were funny parts, the movie was not funny as a whole. A lot like the 2007 film, This Christmas, Almost Christmas included a dancing scene with the main cast, sibling rivalry and lots of secrets.  In the film, it is revealed that the youngest son is addicted to pain pills, the father is selling the family house and the elder sister’s husband is having an affair with the clerk from the local grocery store (Keri Hilson).

This was the most predictable movie I have ever seen. I almost feel like the script was copy and pasted. The characters you think will end up together end up together, the cheating husband is exposed and the characters with plans to do the wrong things, end up doing the right things.

The best character in the entire movie is Aunt May (Mo’Nique). Without her character, the movie would be a 4/10, but she definitely upgrades it to a 7/10 with her sassiness and witty comments. The children actors in the movie are also charming with their technology use throughout the film and their loving personalities.

In my opinion, the youngest brother Evan(Jessie Usher) has the worst story line. He is a college football star preparing for the NFL draft that gets addicted to pain pills after an injury. His character is so over the top that is just unbelievable. Evan ends up discovering papers revealing that his father is selling the house, he takes too many pain pills and ends up getting into a car accident.  Subsequently there is a heartfelt hospital scene, which is the most emotional scene in the entire movie. However, I was still not impressed by this character.

My favorite part of the movie was the storyline of the single mom/ law student Rachel (Gabrielle Union). Throughout the film she portrays the independent black woman role, and constantly denies help from her high school sweetheart Malachi, who always finds her stuck in sticky situations. After seeing her mother’s actions toward Malachi, Rachel’s daughter decides to step in and give her some advice about how to deal with men. This part is super adorable and a reminder to all women who have a wall up that it is okay to let their guard down sometimes. Rachel ends up finally talking to Malachi and a heated argument about events 20 years ago ends with a kiss.

 To conclude this story line, Malachi shows up to Rachel’s house determined to reenact the prom they missed out on 20 years prior. He shows up wearing a tuxedo, with a limousine and a boom box playing a mixtape he made for her in high school. I loved this scene! It was super romantic and the only unpredictable part of the movie.Overall, I would recommend everyone go see this movie. Although it is very predictable, it is still a good movie to see with your family or significant other. However, at the end of the day I still prefer the holiday movie This Christmas. Monique, Danny Glover and Kimberly Elise just can’t compare to the chemistry between Loretta Divine, Columbus Short and Idris Elba.


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