Election Weekend Wrap Up: 9/10/2016

9/10/2016 by Dylan James Harper

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Every week I’ll be putting together a weekly roundup of election coverage that’ll include poll numbers, top stories, any significant upcoming dates, and commentary on the week’s events.

Poll Numbers:

General Election (LA Times/University of Southern California): Clinton 44, Trump 43

Florida (Quinnipiac): Clinton 47, Trump 47

Ohio (Quinnipiac): Clinton 45, Trump 46

Wisconsin (Marquette): Clinton 52, Trump 37

Pennsylvania (Quinnipiac): Clinton 44, Trump 39

North Carolina (Suffolk): Clinton 41, Trump 44

Top Stories:

Gary Johnson, in a move that would make Sarah Palin cringe, asked “what is Aleppo” in response to an interview question on the show Morning Joe.

The North Carolina state election committee finally settled a hard fought battle over election rules that we’ve kept close track of. 

Speaking of North Carolina, the presidential election officially started there with early voting opening up on Friday

Meme Analysis:

A lot of memes attempt to touch on political and social issues, often with inaccurate results. That is not the case with this meme, which is accurate. Stewart served from October to March at FPC, Alderson compared to the infamous three month sentence Turner faced for assault. The rape case has been contrasted with several other non-violent criminals to highlight the apparent lack of concern the justice system has with punishing rapists.


Another great week for Trump, in that it wasn’t a terrible Trump. Gary Johnson is actually holding the title for the biggest gaffe of the week with his Aleppo comment. The Syrian battleground city has been the topic of a lot of foreign policy discussion as of late, but Johnson seemed woefully uninformed on the issue. In my first article for this site, I discussed how one of the disadvantages of third party candidates is that they rarely go through a thorough vetting process. Johnson, who had been surging as of late, has been pushing hard to get into the debates, but this seems to indicate that such an occurrence wouldn’t be the breath of fresh air for the long stale debates that he’s billing it as. Those on the political left have been quick to mock Johnson, but might want to consider thanking him, as the New York Times is reporting that it’s actually hurting Republicans by association.


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