10/01/2016 by Michaela Shelton

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How do you win someone back? Gifts! Well at least that’s what Lucious thought... what an epic fail. In the beginning of episode 2 of Season 3, Cookie is shown attempting to sleep, but is repeatedly woken up when a plethora of random gifts arrive at her home (my favorites were definitely the diamond necklace and the expresso machine, just saying). As if the expresso machine wasn’t enough, Lucious goes to ultimate lengths and sends Cookie a lion statue. Subsequently, Cookie returns all the gifts and reiterates to Lucius how “done” she is… we shall see.  The next scene shows Anika interviewing nannies and Lucious blows up on her about how she needs to be the only one taking care of Bella. Crazy how controlling he is and it’s not even his baby… but that’s typical Lucious.

This episode had a couple dope punchlines. Hakeem (who I don’t consider a good rapper, but I digress) said the line “Got me a Nu Nu chick- time to skate,” while in the studio. Totally love the movie ATL, so I am here for the reference! Then in annoyance with Lucious, Cookie walked away and said “Bye Fuh- Lucious!,” which was hilarious. The writers are very witty this season, I must say.

Meanwhile, Lucius now has no choice but to work with Shyne and promote Nessa, after Jamal’s freeze up during his last performance. Hakeem and Nessa are creating music in the studio and completely vibing. Will Nessa be Hakeem’s next love interest? Most likely…even though she dissed him viciously in the season premiere. Following this depiction of chemistry, we see one of Shyne’s squad members staring at his sister Nessa’s body in lust and he punches him out. This is clearly a foreshadow of why Hakeem should avoid Nessa. But obviously he will probably still go for it, because Hakeem never makes smart decisions.

Redundantly, Cookie is reiterating to Lucious how she needs her space and wants to keep their relationship professional. To show the beginnings of Cookie and Lucious, there are multiple flashback scenes. The actors portraying teenage Cookie and Lucious are absolutely flawless with their mannerisms, I must say.

Then we have Andre who is still mourning the death of Rhonda and having repeatable mental episodes. We are reminded of how serious his issues are, when he explains to Jamal how Rhonda managed all his pills. First rather depressing, this breakdown leads to a cute brotherly moment where Jamal agrees to help his brother. Loved this moment. While we are discussing cute moments, I must bring up Lucious’ next move. Once again Cookie is sleep and she awakens to Biz Markie singing Just a Friend (the song teenage Lucious was singing when they first met). Touche, touche! This scene was so romantic.

Next we have politician and founder of WOKE Angelo (Taye Diggs) who makes his Empire debut. Cookie goes off on him, and discourages Jamal from interacting with him after a Power 105 interview goes wrong. Per Lucious’ offer, an event about Gun Violence put on by Angelo’s WOKE organization takes place at Empire. Lucious calls Jamal out to perform unexpectedly and once again Jamal suffers from PTSD from the shooting. He starts hyperventilating and reveals to his parents that he can no longer perform. This is so sad to watch! Hopefully Jamal overcomes his PTSD ASAP. By the end of the WOKE event, it is obvious that Angelo is Cookie’s new love interest. I am excited to see how this unfolds.

At the end of the episode, Andre goes to his old apartment to collect the rest of his things. Suddenly, the police are shown questioning him about who he is and why he is outside his apartment (it’s broad daylight by the way).  The cop has the audacity to use slang while talking to him and then after an exchange of words, the police pin Andre on the ground and arrest him. Not sure what is going to happen next in regards to this incident (which is clearly a reference to the Black Lives Matter Movement), but I hope Andre doesn’t go to jail. He’s already had it rough this season sheesh.

The best part of this episode is when creepy Tariq is watching Lucious via the surveillance camera in the teddy bear. Anika ends up finding the teddy bear due to interference from the baby monitor. Lucious pulls out the teddy bear’s eyes, letting Tariq know that he has been caught. So much going on, as usual! But we shall see what happens next week.

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