The Misogyny and Hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani

9/28/2016 by Dylan James Harper

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Rudy Giuliani--who twice openly cheated on his wife, has been married three times, had a contentious divorce, and is estranged from his daughter (and possibly both his children) —recently called Hillary Clinton "stupid" for not leaving then President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky "scandal".

Rudy Giuliani--who once held a press conference to announce he was going to divorce his wife without talking to her about it first (she literally found out the hard way by hearing it on the news), and who, at that same conference, called the woman with whom he had been having an affair for sometime "a very, very fine woman"--feels entitled to comment on how Hillary Clinton should have handled her own personal life.

Rudy Giuliani, who hid the costs of his NYPD security detail by funneling the money through obscure public agencies so he could conceal his affair, believes whole-heartedly that Hillary isn't capable of being president based on the decisions she's made in her personal life.

Rudy Giuliani--who is fervently endorsing and aiding Donald Trump, who himself has been married three times, had multiple public affairs, and whom the courts once called "cruel and inhuman" in reference to the treatment of this then wife--believes that Hillary Clinton's personal life is a national disgrace that makes her unfit for the presidency.

Misogyny is a topic that has come up often in this presidential election, and it's not hard to see why. Hillary Clinton, regardless of her faults, is being held to an entirely different standard by Giuliani than he applies to himself, Donald Trump (the candidate he's endorsing), and even Bill Clinton.

The former New York City mayor hasn't criticized Bill Clinton, or Trump, and certainly not himself (he's yet to publicly apologize to either of his first wives).

Instead, he criticized the wife of a man who had an affair. Rudy certainly doesn't think of himself as a misogynist, and would certainly never claim that his statements were misogynistic. He's also not likely to admit he holds a long time grudge against Hillary Clinton for defeating him in a senate race way back in 2000. He's also not likely to concede that he's made several statements in direct contradiction to his own behavior. Most importantly, he's not likely to realize that he's not helping the Trump campaign. He'll likely find that out the hard way.


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