11/19/2016 by Michaela Shelton

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After two years, singer/songwriter Joe has released a new album. The album#MyNameIsJoeThomas, contains 16 tracks filled with nothing but soulful RnB vibes. Joe rose to fame back in 2000 when he released his hit single “I Wanna Know” and the follow up single “Stutter.” This new album is so good that you don’t have to skip a track. People always talk about how they want to hear real music that existed back in the 90’s, and Joe provides that on #MyNameIsJoeThomas.

Initially I wasn’t going to listen to the album, because I wasn’t a fan of his last two.Bridges (2014) and Signature (2009) just weren’t good. I felt like Joe was trying to create music like the music artists release today and both albums just ended up being epic fails. However, he has redeemed himself with his twelfth studio album.

I am really upset that I have not heard anything about this album. I was on Spotify to listen to old school Joe music, and I noticed that there was a new album. I figured it was released earlier this year, but turns out it was released November 11th. I started listening and the first track already had me in love. The first track on the album “Lean Into It” was so good that I put it on repeat. “Lean Into It” is about two people dating who are scared to take it to the next level, because of baggage from their last relationships. I listened to this track like six times until I realized I needed to hear the rest of the album.

Another one of my favorite tracks is “Chance”. It is the sixth song on the album and it reminds me so much of the song “Good Girl”, which was on Joe’s album All That I Am (1997). The song has a good beat and the lyrics all flow together and tell a story. It is basically about a man being a terrible boyfriend to a woman and her giving another man a chance to show her how a relationship is supposed to be.

What I love about Joe’s album is that it is good without features. I have noticed that a lot of old school artists come back and have an album full of features from current popular artists. However, there is only one feature on Joe’s album (Gucci Mane, which was kind of random). The song Gucci Mane is featured on, “Happy Hour” is really dope. At first I was skeptical of Gucci Mane being on a Joe song, but the balance between soul and ratchet was great.

I also like that we got a full album of songs. Instead of an album with nine tracks, we got a healthy 60 minute album full of nothing but jams. I am all the way here for it! Joe says that this album will be his last, but I don’t believe it. Just in case he is speaking the truth, make sure you support him and purchase #MyNameIsJoeThomas. You will not regret it! The last album I truly did not have to skip a track wasConfessions by Usher, which was released in 2004. 12 years later, I can add#MyNameIsJoeThomas to the list.

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