May 25th, 2018 | by Dylan James Harper

Let’s get one thing clear, I’ve been saying Killmonger did nothing wrong since day one, you can check the tape. He’s a revolutionary who wants to overthrow a monarchy and use it’s plethora of natural and technological resources to free the oppressed peoples of the world. Is he perfect? Yes. If you had any doubts as to whether Killmonger did nothing wrong, look no further than the Disney’s latest assembly line Marvel movie.


As a reminder, or if you want it spoiled for you, in Avengers: Infinity War the gang gets back together to take on Thanos, a being who looked at a cruel and unforgiving universe with more people than food and decided the easiest way to deal with this inevitability was a brutal genocide. The easiest way to accomplish that? A modded Nintendo Power Glove that you can put the Infinity Stones into and then literally use it to do whatever you want. It’s unclear why doubling the universe’s resources wasn’t an option, but the boys and literally-like-two-out-of-twenty-girls have to fight someone.


The stones are spread out all over, but mostly on Earth, with Vision, the world’s most powerful Hobo Johnson fan, having one embedded directly in his head. His plan, destroy the stone, thus sacrificing himself and saving the universe in the process. His gf, the Scarlet Witch, who despite the name does not appear to shop at Hot Topic, is of course against this because the writers couldn’t think of any other characterization for their secondary female characters so why not use them to keep the plot going?


Naturally, the patriotic Captain America, who pointedly represents the third way style liberals, decides that maybe there is another option besides sacrificing Vision and capitulating to Thanos. He takes Vision to Wakanda, monarchical state headed up by Black Panther, who is still somehow king despite killing the best king Wakanda ever had in last movie’s “villain” Eric Killmonger.


Here’s where the film gets relevant for our purposes. Killmonger, the revolutionary, would recognize Thanos for the fascist he is. That’s obvious. T’Challa’s Black Panther does as well. What Black Panther doesn’t realize, and what Killmonger certainly would, is that it’s well worth it to sacrifice one sad boi robot then trying to save him and even risk LITERALLY HALF OF THE UNIVERSE. Do you really think Killmonger would have let that stand?


The second Killmonger figured out what was going on, he would have dispatched the rest of the crew to go defend the Wakandan borders while he and Vision took a walk to the vibranium shredder. Killmonger would have recognized that fascists can’t be negotiated with or played around with. When you have the chance to end their secret plans, you do it. Right away. You don’t wait around to see if you can save one robot because one robot is literally nothing compared to HALF OF THE UNIVERSE.


Spoiler alert, they don’t do that. Killmonger was killed by Black Panther in the last movie, and Thanos gets the stone, wipes away half the universe, including Vision. All that for literally nothing. Killmonger did nothing wrong, and were he in power, none of this would have happened. Now we have to sit and wait for a sequel to this liberalism-caused monstrosity. The lesson? Put your faith in leaders that won’t capitulate with the enemy but instead throw the enemy off a waterfall and then burn it’s most treasured possessions. That only technically leaves two people, the fictional Eric Killmonger, and the real life General Sherman, but the point still stands.

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