EMPIRE EP. 6 REVIEW: Cookie's Goodies Exposed!

11/17/2016 by Michaela Shelton

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Things are heating up as Empire approaches its season finale. With three episodes left, the season is definitely at its climax. Episode six, which aired November 16, opened with Empire being hacked. Emails, music and naked pictures have popped up all over the internet and everyone at Empire is freaking out. Lucious hires a cyber security expert to figure out what’s going on, but throughout the episode things just get worse and worse. Jamal is in the studio listening to his new track and suddenly he sees the track being deleted by the hacker. Things are starting to get real!

After Cookie’s nudes are released via the Empire hack, she breaks up with Angelo because she doesn’t want to jeopardize his campaign.  Even though he wants to be with her, Cookie gets very emotional and asks him to leave. This scene was so sad! Angelo likes Cookie so much and all she does is curve him. He is willing to jeopardize his campaign to be with her, but because she likes him so much she lets him go. Even though I know they aren’t over, I still felt sad watching this scene.

After being all in my feelings, the drama started right back up putting me in detective mode. Andre finds a mysterious computer drive in the studio Tiana works in. After Tiana revealed a list of people who had been in the studio, Gram (Tiana’s ex-boyfriend/ rapper played by Lil’ Romeo) immediately becomes a suspect.  Lucious and Andre go to Gram’s house to confront him and he denies everything. Ironically, they had already found all the evidence on his computers. Even though Gram is still denying that he hacked Empire, Lucious calls in Shyne (Xzibit) and his goons to “handle him”. I don’t know about everyone else who watched the episode, but I knew it wasn’t Gram’s doing… that would just be too easy.

After the hacking situation is “resolved”, Lucious promotes Andre as the president of Empire. After this announcement, Nessa and Hakeem perform and the entire performance consists of Nessa singing to Andre and Hakeem being jealous. It is so funny how much of a brat Hakeem is. Nessa doesn’t even want him and he is throwing tantrums over her. We shall see how that plays out.

Meanwhile, Jamal is struggling with his addiction to opioids. He ends up calling Derek over and they rekindle their romance. When Derek tries to wake Jamal up in the middle of the night, he realizes that he has blacked out. Derek calls Phillip from the PTSD support group who knows exactly what to do. He puts Jamal in the shower and he frantically wakes up. Hopefully this scare makes Jamal get his self together. His character has honestly been pitiful the entire season.

At the end of the show there is a MAJOR plot twist! We find out that Andre paid Vaughn (French Montana) to hack Empire so he could “figure it out” and be the hero. Andre reveals his plans to Nessa and the show ends. Hopefully Andre doesn’t get caught…with all the terrible things that have happened to him since season 1, he deserves to be at the top.

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