8/6/2016 by CSuiteMusic Staff

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Dinosaurs are extinct. And if you only paid attention to Top 40 Radio or Billboard, you would think good Rock n' Roll was as well. Well, we've got news: it turns out, it's more alive than ever. We have proof with the one man jam band With the Dinosaur. His blend of folk mixed with the classic taste of rock would put you to mind of early Beatles or the Beach Boys. 


​But while WTD's music feels like a throwback to good ol' days, it is not a knockoff nostalgia act. He manages to keep it unique, and the music has a truthfulness to it that is very captivating and makes it hard to turn off. CSuiteMusic was lucky enough to catch up with With the Dinosaur to try and learn more about this promising new artist. Be sure to check out his latest videos "False Prescriptions" and "Violets" below!


CSM: What’s your hometown?

WTD: Yucaipa, CA

Tell us what makes you and/your music different from other artists/bands?

My goal is to make songs on a record that are very different from others on the same record. I want them to feel like they’re all in the same world, but different environments. My upcoming album is called Spectrum, and I’m trying to hone that vibe in an almost literal way - using colors as themes and even song titles. So I think, because of the way you kinda enter these worlds, it makes my albums (I hope) unique.

With so many artists making music nowadays, why should fans listen to your music?

I think for the same reason above. My goal is for people to listen to my music in that kind-of transportive way. That’s basically what I’m asking them to do on this next record. Like, “Come along for this ride, but bear with me, there are some windy roads.”

What do you want to accomplish in the music industry?

I don’t necessarily have goal in mind. I started this project a few years ago on my own so that I could practice mixing music. And I’ve always written songs. I also didn’t really have the resources to mix other bands, so I just did it all on my own. Then, I wanted to improve (both with songwriting and mixing), so I did that again. And now I’m wrapping up the third installment of that.

How are you getting your music out there to new fans?

Mostly through bandcamp - or, at least, initially. That’s how I tend to release things until they eventually get up on Spotify and iTunes and all the other streaming sites. I’ve been trying to play more shows lately too. That was never really the idea of this project, but it still seems like the best way to get people listening to your music.

What/who are your biggest influences?

It’s a pretty long list, but I get a lot of influence from the Beach Boys, David Bazan, and Death Cab for Cutie.

If there’s one artist/band that you could work with (dead or alive) who would that be?

David Bazan for sure.

What is your opinion (if any) on the state of the music industry today?

It varies, but the industry is going to continue to have layers like it always has. There’s just different levels to it. I do think, though, that the higher up in the industry you go, you get more susceptible to thinking that it’s all about about money and fame; but, at least for me, that’s not what this is all about.

Where can fans reach you online? 

I’m on Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and the other streaming sites.

Tell us about any of you latest or upcoming projects that you would like fans to know about.

I’ve got a self-titled album available for streaming or purchase and my next record, Spectrum, is due out on October 14th. I’ll be posting some singles from that album alongside some videos very soon.

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