Album Review: Watzreal Humanizes an Often Dehumanizing Experience - Chasing Your Dreams

1/04/2017 by CSuiteMusic Staff

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Watzreal is an emcee on a mission. On THE: The Human Experience, the Berkeley rapper’s follow up to his critically acclaimed debut Wisdom Wit Attitude, Watzreal spits with a passion and aggression so infectious, that even the most jaded hip-hop snob will sit up straight in their chair for a listen. 


THE puts the listener in the passenger seat for a journey alongside an artist who is weighing the pressures of life with his hunger and drive to make his dreams come true. And which one of us can’t relate to that? On the project, Watzreal also takes incredible artistic and personal risks, especially in his being open about his struggles with depression. In an era where every aspect of life has seem to have a filter - where everyone, especially artists, are preoccupied with only showing themselves in the best light possible - it is refreshing to hear an artist willing to be so vulnerable this earlier in their career.

The 15 track project boasts 11 features; so many guests may make you think would overshadow Watzreal’s storytelling and showcasing of his own talents. Don’t be fooled, however. All of the guest features are well placed, and well conceptualized. On the Nanci Peral assisted lead single “Just a Dream” Watzreal talks about the dealing with doubters of dreams, even from within his own family, rapping “My dad’s like ‘Son, this is gonna expire/You can’t live your whole life doing this music’/I told him that my whole life’s making a movement.” On the horn blaring opening track “Let Me Talk to Him” Watzreal spits “Some of y’all think: ‘Man he must get hella checks’/Hell nah, I was rackin’ up my credit debt.” It’s clear that this artist isn’t here to front on anybody. He wants you to know exactly where he’s coming from and he’s not afraid to keep it real.

Not only does Watzreal have a message, he’s got the lyrical skills that make you actually care about it. On “Ones I Keep”, the Berkeley emcee shows off his lyrical depth with lines like “Optimism is a proper vision when you feel like/God has given you your heart and rhythm to unlock the system.”

Another refreshing aspect of THE is that nowhere on the album is there a cheesy play for the mainstream. Assisted by the very solid production of Tone Jonez, Watzreal stays true to himself and his own sound. In a world where there’s currently a cacophony of trap-beat-laden carbon copies of hit songs, true connoisseurs of hip-hop will definitely find this exhilarating. If you’re a real hip-hop fan, do yourself a favor: grab some headphones, or hop in your ride, kick back, relax and take this journey with Watzreal as he gives you his version of The Human Experience.

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