Joe Biden Won’t Solve the Democrats’ Problems

12/19/2016 by Dylan James Harper

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The Democrats and Hillary Clinton lost for many reasons, but chief among them were the fact that many felt abandoned by the system (and viewed Clinton as a part of the system), that they didn’t do enough for marginalized communities, or that marginalized communities weren’t worth considering when voting. Joe Biden fixes exactly zero of those problems. The lively vice president of the United States is well liked by many on the left, and has been featured positively in a number of post election memes as a catharsis of sorts after Trump’s victory, but he isn’t the candidate the democrats need.

Joe Biden isn’t likely to be the candidate that voters in marginalized communities believe will solve their problems. Despite beating President Obama to the punch on same-sex marriage, Biden is generally at or near the party line on most social issues. It’s easy to confuse his willingness to say an unpopular view with having many unpopular views, but there isn’t much reason to think he’d be some radical choice when it comes to social issues plaguing marginalized communities.

Trump won, in part, because many viewed as the antithesis of the system. The never-fully-defined-concept of the system often includes the equally ill-defined term of “political correctness” for many, and it’s possible that Biden might win a few voters back through his general disregard for self-censorship. However, what many on the left seemed to miss about Trump is that it wasn’t simply his lack of “political correctness” that many voters liked, it’s that he specifically targeted marginalized communities for scorn. His targeting of these groups won over a slew of voters that desperately wants to see the groups further marginalized. Biden offers no answer there (nor should he).

Lastly, he will almost certainly not be viewed as a rebuff of the system, or a rebranding for the Democrats. Being VP has many advantages, but one of the disadvantages is that it’s pretty darn difficult to claim to be an outsider. Biden might find some rhetorical ways around that, but the substance would still be there, and it’d be hard for him to argue against, and foolish for him to even try.

Joe Biden is a part of the system that so many feel is failing them, he’s not some fearless ally to the marginalized, he thankfully wouldn’t run as an opponent to the marginalized, but he also likely wouldn’t be effective at communicating to white working class voters why they should care about the marginalized. None of this is to say he might not win. It’s very possible that Trump loses to virtually whoever runs against him. That would be a short term fix to some problems, but it wouldn’t be the large fix that would make the Democrats an electable party for them. Fun as he is, a Joe Biden candidacy is not the solution to the Democrats’ problems. 

Dylan James Harper is the Chief Political Editor for CSuiteMusic
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