8/9/2016 by CSuiteMusic Staff

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Emoney is one of the humblest, nicest artist you could ever meet. He has a way of making everyone feel comfortable around him, and has a great sense of humor. But please don't get it twisted; when it comes to his skills on the mic, he is no laughing matter. In fact, when it comes to his penmanship and his pointed delivery on the mic, the guy is downright rude. This Sonoma, CA born and bred MC rose to fame  battling alongside other heavy hitters in the Bay Area hip-hop scene in the Team Backpack cyphers. His witty wordplay and highly skilled lyricism sets him a part from his peers, and his charismatic and high energy personality is sure to make him a bonafide star. We were lucky enough to catch up with Emoney to see how he is planning to take his career to the top level. 


CSM: How would you describe your sound and your style?

Emoney: My sound is whatever mood I'm in. I've rapped on trap, reggae, and everything in between. My style is lyrical and honest. My life experiences inspire my songs. If I ain't living, I ain't making music. 

You're live shows are always entertaining, what is the craziest/funniest thing that has happened or you have done while performing?

Hmmmm. Craziest thing I've done on stage was run up on JT the Bigga Figga while he was on stage, and ask to battle him. It was at a 106 KMEL event in Hunters Point, SF. He was nice enough to let me battle him, and we basically tied. Also, I broke a deck while rapping at a Chico house party. That was nuts. ​

What do you want to accomplish in the music industry? 

I want my name to be synonymous with the best MC of all time. If you aren't trying to be the best, then what's the point? 

How are you getting your music out there to new fans?

I drop my music on SoundCloud, and my videos on my YouTube Page.​

What/who are your biggest influences? 

Seth McFarland, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Patrice O'Neal (rip), Drake, the Goo Goo Dolls, Laura Korkoian, Jay-Z, many many more. ​

If there’s one artist that you could work with (dead or alive) who would that be?

The Dixie Chicks. Just kidding. Probably Marc E Bassy. ​

What is your opinion (if any) on the state of the music industry today?

I love it. Talented artists are getting exposure and touring the country independently. If your music is dope, and you work hard on developing your brand, you will be rewarded. The garbage music will always exist, I just try to ignore it. 

Where can fans reach you online? 

IG - @emoneymakesbabies Twitter - @EmoneySunset FB - - @Emoneyischill SoundCloud - Emoney-Is-Chill​

Tell us about any of you latest or upcoming projects that you would like fans to know about. 

Working on an EP that should be dropping this fall. Be prepared for me to get all in my feelings.​

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