12/24/2016 by Allan Hayes

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It’s holiday season internationally, with many major religious holidays coinciding generally around the winter solstice in some form or another. One might think that with the holiday cheer, and the friendly nature that most of the celebrated holidays tend to imply that people would generally be more gracious and accepting during the holiday season.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. There is a war on religion that runs rampant not just in the United States, but globally. People are being accosted in all manners for the way they practice their religion, to the way they spread seasons cheer and it is making people very angry.

For example, in September IBTimes reported that Jewish spiritual leaders were taking increased security measures for their celebration of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which took place in early October. They also reported that about half of polled spiritual leaders said their communities were less likely to attend temple during holidays due to fear of anti-Semitic violence.

That isn’t all, either. Muslim people have been subject to the most hate crimes annually since 2001. In 2001 The Human Rights Watch revealed that a record breaking 481 hate crimes were committed against Muslim people or people perceived to be Muslim. Last year, the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at CSU-San Bernadino found 260 hate crimes were committed against Muslim people, and there have been upwards of that number so far this year. [2]

It’s clear that a war on religion is taking place globally, with people afraid to practice openly. Even in countries where people have the freedom to practice the religion of their choice the social stigma has reached a point where those who practice a specific faith worry that they may lose their life over it. If we think back really hard we may even remember an event that took place between 1933 and 1945 when Jewish people were literally gathered up by the millions and slaughtered in horrific ways.

In the year 2016 practices that are still tremendously horrible and offensive to people of faith still take place. Starbucks released holiday cups with absolutely no real connections to Christmas on them. And many Christians are claiming that people will greet them with the faith-neutral ”Happy Holidays” instead of their traditional ”Merry Christmas”, which is absurd, to say the least.

Some people even go as far as suggesting that Christmas doesn’t even have its origins in Christianity. That the holiday originally began as a pagan holiday and the tree worship, the Santa mythos, and gift exchanging were all appropriated from Paganism.

Can you believe that people point out that the bible actually discourages tree-worship? All in the year 2016. [3]

The war on Christmas truly seems to be something difficult to swallow, but there’s nothing to worry about. As we all know, Donald Trump was recently elected President of the United States, and with each passing day we learn more names of his upcoming cabinet. All of his cabinet members, as well as Trump himself, are devoutly Christian. And recently Rick Perry was added to that list, who as we remember openly opposed the War on Christianity during the 2012 election when he released a commercial in Iowa stating that, ”Our children can’t openly celebrate Christmas, or pray in school.”[4]

So there’s nothing to worry about Christians, there’s someone in your corner in the white house.  And for the unprecedented 45th time there is a Christian president of the United States.


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