Ok so I’m just going to say something: Demi Lovato has been abundantly slept on. Demi’s claim to fame was back in 2008 when she landed a lead role in one of Disney’s original movies ‘Camp Rock’. The movie was some sort of a musical and The Jonas Brothers starred in it as well. The film was such a huge hit. the entire soundtrack was placed on Itunes shortly after. Demi placed number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her single ‘This Is Me’ from the movie and skyrocketed to fame shortly after that.

 Her album ‘Don’t Forget’ placed on the Billboard 200 in the same year and the singer also landed another lead role in a comedy series ‘Sonny With a Chance’ from 2009-2011. During that time Demi also released her second album ‘Here We Go Again’ which got her on the top of the Billboards for the first time.

   In 2010 Demi endured some struggles with addiction and mental health. She was diagnosed with an eating disorder and bipolar disorder and after seeking treatment, she came back stronger than ever to record her lead single ‘Skyscraper’. This single blew us out of the water and fell into the top 10, which was her highest on the charts.

  Now we could be here all day talking about the young singer’s successes, because let’s face it, the girl has talent that our minds can hardly handle. But I do have to say this everyone, Demi’s newest album is so fire, find your sunscreen, sunglasses and press play. Her single ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ was released back in July and topped number 6 on the charts in both the US and New Zealand. And as much as we love that song, she has so much more in store for all her fans, new and old.



  We are all so used to Demi’s success as a pop artist, but what makes this album so unique is that she comes out of her comfort zone and mixes some R&B and Jazz undertones and a feature from Lil Wayne! My favorite on the album is ‘Lonely’, which includes none other than Weezy F. Baby himself. Another select of mine would have to be ‘Cry Baby’. It’s no secret that I love Jazz music and this song is one of Demi’s slower songs and the electric guitar on this track in undeniable and when you mix in Demi’s vocals, it’s a record you don’t want to miss.

  More favorites like ‘Games’ and ‘Concentrate’ literally have me shook you guys. Demi truly brought it this time and you have to check out Itunes and take a look for yourself, because I don’t doubt the tour is probably coming soon after that.  


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