In recent news, Dove published a GIF ad on Facebook that has everyone talking. It depicts a black women removing her flesh colored t-shirt and turning into a white woman with a flesh colored t-shirt. In the ad’s entirety, after the white woman removes her shirt, the third image is of a Hispanic women in a flesh colored shirt. However, makeup artist @Naythemua, compiled the four-image collage you see below, and was highly offended (along with every African American woman).

@Naythemua stated, “we’re putting out these ads with subliminal messages that are telling young ladies that your darker skin is not beautiful enough, you need to purify and cleanse yourself…it’s is a poor representation colorism in the world.”

At first, like every other person of color, I was highly offended. Especially, after doing some research and finding that Dove’s parent company, Unilever, is known overseas for it’s skin-lightening creams. And on top of that, this was not the first time they were being called racist, but a third time! Pairing this knowledge, with African American history of ads depicting black people as dirty, but once they’re cleansed with soap, their skin turns white.

Below are some initial thoughts from Angelenos once they heard about Dove’s ad:


Initial thoughts on ad

  • “WTF”

  • “Who approved this ad?”

  • “What does the black actress in the ad think and why did she take this role?”

  • “Aren’t there any black people on the approving committee?”

  • “Are we being too sensitive about this?”

  • “This isn’t the first time Dove has done this racist BS?!”

  • “Showed in its entirety, it’s not that bad”

  • “C’mon Dove, you can do better than that wack a** apology.”

  • “The actress is worst than Dove.”

  • “I’m going to boycott.”


Dove immediately removed their ad from Facebook and issued and apology stating the ad,  “was intended to convey that Dove Body Wash is for every woman and be a celebration of diversity, but we go it wrong and, as a result, offended many people. We are deeply sorry.”


Will this apology fly or should we protest?

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