On May 23rd Eric Bellinger embarked on his Eazy Call Tour. Last night, he made a stop in Oakland, CA. and I was there to witness greatness. I arrived at New Parish at around 8PM, and enjoyed the sounds of DJ William Stokes before the opening acts hit the stage. Artists Lee West, Drew Allen and Derek King all took the stage and hyped the crowd for the man we were all waiting for.


At around 11PM Eric Bellinger took the stage and came out to his hit song “Don’t Want Her.” The sold out venue was SUPER lit and everyone danced and sang along to a plethora of their favorite songs. What made the show so dope was that Eric sang songs from each of his albums. Although I love Eazy Call and all fifteen of those tracks, I LOVE songs like “ASAP”, “Don’t Want Her”, “Viral” and “ Focused on You.” I was extremely happy to hear those songs performed live as well. Also, he performed songs from Meditation Music, the surprise EP Eric released days ago. This five track EP includes the songs “Meditate”, “Frequency”, “Chakras”, “Hours” and “Massage.” He released the EP on National Meditation day which was May 31st.

The other thing that made the show one of my favorites is Eric’s energy. He was all over the stage dancing and interacting with the crowd, which not a lot of artists can do. And not to mention he can ACTUALLY PERFORM LIVE. Hearing Eric perform, I literally felt like I was listening to him recorded. His voice was crisp and very melodic. Despite him dancing and interacting with us fans, he still held every note.


As a woman, I have to admit that the highlight of the show was when Eric took off his shirt (YASS HONEY!). He is so in shape and beautiful, I know all of women who were present loved every minute of that. Seeing that nice body and tattoos in addition to hearing that voice gave me LIFE.

Hearing the song "She" was also really great. It's surreal to listen to a song over and over and to hear it in person and hear everyone sing a long. The execution of the song was flawless and the only thing missing was A.D., who I wish was there to perform his verse. Regardless, I am happy "She" made the set list.


In conclusion, Eric Bellinger is a talented individual and the Eazy Call Tour was my first time seeing him perform, but it definitely won’t be my last. He is a hard working artist and always have been, so everyone sleep on him needs to wake up. The Eazy Call Tour has a lot more stops so if Eric is coming to your city, get your tickets ASAP! You will not regret it.

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