Alright we have some talent coming in from the UK. Not only are UK actors making it big out here in the US, but musicians, from the Country oversees, are here and taking names. To get down to specifics, Ella Mai, is the one in the game getting all kinds of attention from Music’s biggest names.  

 Ella was born in the UK, London, with an act for singing. She appeared in productions, such as ‘West Side Story’, at the school she was attending, The Colour House Theatre School, and majored in musical theatre. At the age of 12 the, half Jamaican half Irish, student had to pick up everything and move to the other side of the world with her, Jamaican mother and older brother. The singer-songwriter had planted out in Queens NY and admitted that the first year was rough. Moving up a grade, she ended up in High School and found her element within playing soccer, and at the time, that was her main focus.

  After High School, Ella returned to the UK, took some singing courses at a local college and joined a girl band. In 2014 that girl band, Arize, auditioned for The X Factor UK Season 11 and were quickly dismissed and shortly after the group fell through. Ella Mai exclaimed “Three girls and you know how girls are. It was difficult. I wouldn’t do it again but it one hundred percent taught me so much”.

  Before you begin to feel bad for the, oh so talented Ella Mai, let me state some facts: She created her own verse to Fetty Wap’s beat ‘679’ and posted on Instagram and before she knew it, the video went viral. After that she was inspired and went on to post even more videos of her doing covers of other artists, and if I may say so myself, sis bodied them all. Soon enough, in 2015, the singer received a slide through the DM’s that would make anyone scream, from DJ Mustard himself.


  UK singer recorded her first EP ‘Time’, which features hit song ‘She Dont’ and joined by Ty Dolla $ign. Another favorite of mine is ‘Switch Sider’, you guys also can’t miss ‘Don’t Want You’ and pretty much the entire EP is produced by DJ Mustard so you just know its lit. Her second EP ‘Change’ is also full of certified bangers, ya’ll this girl was made to sing. ‘Lay up’ is a huge favorite of mine. She also has a few singles such as: ‘Anymore’ and shorty goes OFF with a few bars. Her single ‘Naked’ is a more sweet and slow sound, as the singer accesses her soft side. She also went on Kehlani’s world tour: ‘SweetSexySavage.”


 Versatile, cute, talented, smart, if you want to sleep on her by all means, but here at Csuitemusic, we acknowledge you queen, and we want to see you do big tings. Keep checking in with updates on the singer-songwriter.

Instagram: @deidre_curiel

Twitter: @deidremichelle1

Personal website: www.brokenunicorndiaries.com

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