Singer, songwriter and producer, Eric Bellinger just released his fourth studio album, Eazy Call. In addition to releasing albums, mixtapes and EPs, Eric has been featured on numerous tracks such as 4 Digits by Fabulous and Nothing by Ma$e. He has also written music for artists like Teyana Taylor,Justin Beiber, Usher and Chris Brown. In a nutsell, this man is talented AF!


First of all, Eric opened his new album with track number one... Legs. This song is so sexy and will put you in the mood ASAP. His vocals and the seductive beat will make you want to slow grind and put on a show for your man. Legs is by far one of the BEST songs on the album! The next song Not a Love Song is also fire, and features the oh so talented and old school Ma$e. Since their hit song Nothing I have been waiting for these two to collaborate again so when I heard this song I was just like YASSSS!

Next I have to talk about track number 4, She featuring A.D. This track is the perfect club banger and makes you want to turn all the way up. I have been playing this on repeat in my car ever since it came out... if you don't listen to NOTHING ELSE listen to track number four ya'll.

Roleplay is such a good song. It features Scottie who I've never heard of before, but his melodic voice compliments Eric's extremely well, so I'm here for it. I couldn't review this album without mentioning Ain't Ya Ex featuring Tink and Mila J... THIS... TRACK... RIGHT HERE! This song is the epitome of R&B. Each of these artists bodied their verse and contributed to a perfect track. I love how Eric includes talented slept on artists on his albums and not just main stream individuals. I love Mila J and Tink so much so both of them on a track is a gift fasho. 

To conclude the album Eric ended with a track called Eric Bellinger. Who has a track that is their whole name, like that in itself is dope as hell. In the song Eric sings "Look at the way that I leveled up, oh. These other n****s should step it up, oh Look at this ice all on my wrist, I feel like I'm Eric Bellinger." This song is nowhere near humble, but I love it LOL. It's literally him reviewing his career and and sending the PSA that he isn't going anywhere. I respect it!

Listen to Eazy Call now! According to Eric this album is like his greatest hits that he's never released that contains tracks he's been working on for years. I promise you won't be disappointed. This album is a 10/10.

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