Age: 25
Location: Inglewood, CA

Talent: Vocalist. Lyricist. Actor. Vibe Connoisseur.



If you’re a Los Angeles native, you’ve probably seen Fay killing it at UnplugdLA, Soulful Sunday Brunch, or any local open mic. And if you haven’t, let me break down her sound: jazz, eclectic, R&B and jazz.


As a kid growing up, Fay always knew she wanted to sing. She attended a private performing arts school and that was her first introduction to musical theatre. After that, it was a wrap. After she graduated, she attended CSU Long Beach and attempted to major in music; however, due to stipulations, she wasn’t able to, and shortly left the college scene to pursue her dream of singing on the big stage.


Her newly released single, “macncheese,” goes out to all the fuckboys out there. To any woman that has been done wrong by a boy (who thought he was a man), this song is for you.


Fay sings:

“I got that macncheese that will bring you to your knees. What you bringing to the table. You ain’t making enough green, at least be grateful. Ain’t make the dessert, at least stay faithful.”

“You just like the other dude, trying to ride thru like I am the drive thru, like you could just slide thru. Let me remind you of what I’m bringing to the table.”

Fay looks up to the works of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill and Common. Fay says, “Kendrick Lamar is my favorite human. I want to have Beyonce’s work ethic and Kanye’s freedom.” To her, “lyrics come first.”


Check her out on YouTube and listen to her mash up of Sza “The Weekend” and Floetry “Say Yes” – my favorite.


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