Fifth Harmony’s self-titled third studio album is officially released. When I heard the first single Down featuring Gucci Mane, I must admit that I was not impressed. The song is corny to me and Gucci Mane’s verse just doesn’t even fit the song. I didn’t vibe with Angel the second single either so I was a little worried about this new album. However, after listening to the album in its entirety I must say these girls did the damn thing!  They proved that they can still flourish and produce hits without Camila Cabello.

The second song on the album He Like That is super catchy and smooth. I like the song because the repetition makes you want to sing it over and over. Let’s not forget the vocals though! The girls can really sing and I must say that Dinah stands out the most on this track. Hearing this song is what made me look forward to hearing the other songs on the album. The next track Sauced Up has a club vibe.


It sounds like something ladies will just shake their hips too when they are having a girl’s night. It’s all about getting sauced up and turning up. I love the lyrics and concept of living in the moment and not worrying about the next day. I can see people making dance routines to this song and I hope they do! This should for sure be one of Fifth Harmony’s singles. It sounds like a DJ Mustard beat so you know the club will probably have it in rotation.

Make You Mad is okay, but it really sounds like something that has previously been done. It is the typical girl group song, but the vocals are on point, no lie. Corny lines such as “I’ll lock you down and I’ll throw out the key” could have been left out, but I don’t absolutely hate the song. I would have just liked something more creative. I could see this song getting annoying after too many listens.

And now I will talk about Deliver… this song is by far the BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM! It reminds me of an upbeat version of Cater to You. It is about catering to your man and doing whatever you can to make your man happy. The background vocals during the hook are EVERYTHING. I could listen to this song over and over and I feel like it will slap in the car. The song is sexy and reminds women that there is nothing wrong with taking care of your man! Just listening to it makes me feel confident.

The next song (ironically) is about a man cheating. I love the message of this song. A part of the chorus says “If you don’t treat your mama right… bye bye, bye bye, if you got another chick on the side… bye bye, bye bye”. I like this song because it is a message to men that women are not going to put up with your shit. If ya’ll want to act a foo and be shady, BYE BYE. The song is called Lonely Night which is also super fitting. This is probably my second favorite song on this album.

Don’t Say You Love me is the realist track on the album. People be so full of it claiming they love someone and care but their actions show otherwise. On this track, those people are called out for their BS. My favorite lyrics in the song are “Don’t say you miss me when you don’t call, don’t say you hurting without the scars.” I can relate to this song and I know a lot of other people probably can too so I’m glad this was selected to be on the album. Do I hear next single?

Like I already said track number 8 Angel is not a good song to me. I am just not sold… out of all ten songs on the album I don’t get why that song was selected as a single… but I digress. Now I’m going to pretend like track number 8 and track 9 Messy don’t sound exactly the same to me haha. Moving on… track 10 Bridges is really good and a perfect track to conclude the album. The song is about how cold the world is and how we need to build bridges and not walls to conquer hate. The concept about people being one and not being against each other is beautiful. The fact that the girls decided to get deep at the end of the album makes me love them even more. I may be wrong but I feel like they are indirectly referencing Trump by saying “We won’t separate, we no love can conquer hate so we build bridges not walls” if this is shade I give this album even more brownie points.

Overall I love this album. Normani, Lauren, Dinah and Ally make great music together and I know that the Harmonizers will not be disappointed. There is a little something for everyone on the album and Fifth Harmony decided to get a little risqué if you notice the Parental Advisory label. Even though there are a couple cuss words, I still consider the album appropriate for their younger fans. Stop what you’re doing and go listen to Fifth Harmony’s self-titled third studio album ASAP.


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