Power Season 4 Episode 4: We’re In This Together, is literally the very FIRST episode of POWER I’ve ever watched. Everyone seems to be addicted to POWER, so I needed to see what all the hype was about. There is a lot of validity over the pandemonium of the show, but what you will find here is an unbiased perspective on the show. At the end of the day, right is right and wrong is wrong. Sometimes we get so deep into our favorite show, that we make excuses for some of the nasty characters we may favor. Read some of my WTF moments below:

Early on in Episode 4 Angela request to meet with Tasha. Angela tries to convince Tasha that Ghost isn’t for either one of them but instead for himself. Angela reveals to Tasha that Ghost was offered a plea deal that would protect Tasha and the kids, but Ghost turned it down.


My initial thought:


So…. who is this chick Angela? So, Angela was creepin with home boy Ghost, got ghosted for his main chick Tasha, and now the harlot is mad? And wants to put Ghost to death? Girl bye. Seems like she has tunnel vision all the way to revenge.


Here comes the scene where the distraught woman vents to her more than single friend about her intimate relationship with her man. Lakeisha comes by and Tasha goes through a recap of her discussion with Angela. Lakeisha advises Tasha to start worrying about herself.


My initial thought:


Lakiesha – The more than single friend with how-to-stay-single advice – First of all Lakeishaaaa, if my single ass can’t give couples advice, your single ass surely cannot! No but really, Tasha is married, she can’t just worry about herself. Whatever Tasha decides to do on her end will affect her children, forget about Ghost! It’s about the kids! Maybe Tasha should worry about herself, but maybe worrying about Ghost will provide the best position for her kids, we don’t know. What we do know and what we know never fails, is going back to your husband and talking some shit out.


Tasha marched her butt down to her husbands jail cell to talk things out. Tasha has a SZA moment ( at the end of Love Galore where an elder gives SZA advice: “But see, Solana, if you don’t say something, speak up for yourself, they think you stupid, you know what I’m saying?”). Tasha let Ghost know she’s NOT stupid and she is fully aware of what is going on. She also lets her husband know that if he fails to communicate with her properly, she will then start REALLY doing what’s good for HER.


My initial thought:


That’s right, ring it in Tasha- I like her . – Communication. Tasha definitely could have taken her home girl’s advice and simply worried about herself and sold Ghost out but Instead, Tasha went to her husband and communicated what she did not like, what she needed, and the results if her needs were not met. Respect, off top.


Proctor and Silver visit Ghost to discuss the gun being thrown out as evidence. Silver tells Ghost that he has to be sure he keeps his temper under raps while in court. Silver tells Ghost to keep his temper in check due to that annoying “Angry Black Man” Stigma. I don’t know what’s more annoying, that or the “Angry Black Woman” stigma (you think if you’ve enslaved a peoples for 100s of years, they are allowed to be upset sometimes). What Silver ends up warning Ghost about, Proctor then does to a black FBI agent in order to get the gun thrown out.


My initial thought:


It’s interesting how Proctor and Silver warn Ghost not to be the angry black man in court but Proctor then provokes another black man until he becomes angry… Confirmation the world continues to toy with the black mans emotions (it’s just a show, or is it?)

We (meaning just me because I am the only person in the world watching Power for the first time) find that Lakiesha and Tommy are sleeping together. Mid-episode Lakiesha confronts Tommy about sleeping over at Tasha’s (by way of Ghost’s request). Tommy explains that Ghost wants him to look after Tasha and the kids. Lakiesha then hits him with that “I have a kid, what about my kid” line. Tommy deflects Lakeisha’s prying and suggest they “go to the back”.


My initial thought:


Lakeisha asking about her kid, I mean… It’s a valid question, or is it? The fact that Tommy insinuates sex and hints toward the back of the building tells me it’s probably NOT a valid question, if you know what I mean.


(Quick Questions: How does Carmello feel about this sex scene? Lala booty is cakin! That’s right girl, don’t get back at ya man by being a hoe in real life, just do it on TV, heeeeeeey!)


All throughout episode 4 there is this lost little bae bae kid that Kanan (who looks like the worst influence since influence) seems to be mentoring, even though the “mentor” title is probably a stretch. Kanan gives the kid his first blunt and arranges the loss of the young man’s virginity.


My initial thought:


The entire time I am thinking, where the hell is this child’s father! Then I realize oh… he’s in jail, typical. But to be honest, Kanan is real disrespectful snatching away all of Ghosts important first-time moments with his own son, the shade. Based on Kanan’s behavior, I feel it’s safe to assume that Kanan does not care for Ghost. Once I realize that the boy is Ghosts son I’m then like, “Oh shit, is this badass little kid helping these low level thugs steal furniture?  … Is Ghost son stealing low level shit! I can’t!

Proctor gets a hold of a homeland security agent who has a tape recording of Tommy and Ghost that could be incriminating. The homeland security agent tells Proctor that he will have to choose between Ghost and Tommy. Proctor tells Tommy he plans to meet with the agent.


My initial thought:


That part when Tommy comes through and kills homeland, that was just too much. Why is this white boy so violent? Tommy knew something was amiss and is rightfully worried about being caught up. Don’t judge me, but Tommy has got to go. Ghost, sell him out! You’ve got kids and a business! This fool Tommy is running around driving over peoples’ legs and stabbing Homeland Security Agents, Tommy has got to go! Rule #1, don’t have the same lawyer as your best friend, just don’t do it. If Ghost followed this rule, he wouldn’t be caught in such a catch 22.


At the end of episode 4 Angela discovers that Ghost really didn’t hide the gun and Sandoval was the last to review the evidence.


My initial thought:


So, you mean to tell me that Ghost was cheating with ol' Angela ass and the moment he looked guilty she dropped him like a hot ass potato? But Tasha his damn wife who was cheated on NOT with, is still loyal? But Proctor the lawyer confessed that Ghost did it all for Angela…. Basically, Ghost was honest and Angela is the worst side hoe ever.


This was just my first episode, but Ghost's life is a hot mess right now. Ghost needs to get out of Jail ASAP, drop Angela, buy his wife something expensive, whoop his sons’ ass with a switch, and get a new bestie.


Oh, and I’m #TeamTasha for damn sure.

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