MARCH 19TH, 2018 | by Sam Chavarria

In Miami, Florida a new pedestrian bridge collapsed, in the middle of innovative construction techniques, leaving six people dead and a few others injured on March 15.


According to Dr. Mark McKenney of Kendall Regional Medical Center, two patients were under critical condition, and according to the fire officials, eight cars were crushed underneath the bridge and nine people were taken to local hospitals.


“We are in full search-and-rescue mode,” said Maurice Kemp, mayor of Miami-Dade County, at a press conference. Authorities had four cranes removing rubble in order to uncover more.

The bridge cost a total of $14.2 million and it connected Florida International University to the town of Sweetwater.


The bridge, just installed within the past week, weighing in at 950 tons and spanning 174 feet long, was not supposed to open for foot traffic until next year.


Munilla Construction Management, a family owned construction company that built the bridge, said it would conduct “a full investigation to determine exactly what went wrong.”

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