French Montana is back ladies and gentlemen. The self proclaimed “Coke Boy” has brought us another Album by the name of Jungle Rules and the title is oh so fitting. The Album is this jungle of so many features on it and so many styles. Not only does french stick to his talent when it comes to rap, the artist definitely has so many different styles on this from pop, to the island feel we all love to hear.

This time around French decided to switch it up with some songs that sound a little different than what we're used to. Starting with his first feature "Unforgettable" featuring Swae Lee which landed him a spot right on the Billboard Hot 100 list for his very first time in history! The entire album had not even been released yet and already making huge dents in the music scene.

Jungle Rules also brings you so many more hits, “Bring Dem’ Things" has a little more of French"s style, which features our very own, Pharrell and boy does he do it justice. The song starts us off with a verse from the legendary producer, songwriter and rapper. But it doesn’t stop here.


The Weeknd also decides to stop by in the Jungle Rules bringing us "A Lie" and the singer decides to spit an impeccable verse in the beginning and blessing us with the chorus, bringing us a new pop sound. French does his thing and drops his lines throughout the song. These two really do their thing on this track and we have a summer banger on our hands for sure.

The album has the perspective of a few other songwriters/producers from Marc E. Bassy (singer songwriter from San Francisco), Swae Lee (singer/songwriter from Mississippi) however, this is French"s baby and he takes the majority of the credit for his old yet new sound, and when you tune in to the album you’ll know exactly what I mean by that!


More features from Young Thug, Travis Scott, Future, TI and so many more! It seems as though the artist wanted every single style and angle of rap he could find to make an incredible smash up, and as the saying goes he "did that". French hit up his homeland in Morocco this past month to pay homage to some family and to go back to his humble beginnings, because we all know, just as he does, this album is really about to put him on the map!  

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