Things are heating up this season on Greenleaf. If you haven’t heard of Greenleaf it is a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network that GIVES ME LIFE! First of all one of the main stars is Lynn Whitfield, who plays the first lady of Calvary church. Lets admit… Lynn Whitfield has been poppin since A Thin Line Between Love and Hate as well as other films such as Madea’s Family Reunion and The Cheetah Girls which was every little girls fav movie growing up. Other noteable stars include Merle Dandrige, Lamman Rucker and Keith David.

I like this show because there is so much going on. It never gets boring and they tackle serious topics such as rape, embezzlement, gambling and sexuality. Each member of the Greenleaf family has their own exciting storyline and there is always something crazy that happens that keeps us on edge. I thought this was a Tyler Perry show up until last week when I found out it was actually created by Craig White. Greenleaf is the second scripted drama on the OWN network that is not from Tyler Perry (Queen Sugar is the first).

Greenleaf is a very realistic show. I think a lot of scripted series are not realistic, but Greenleaf producers do a good job making real situations unfold. The main premise in the show is Merle Dandridge’s character Grace Greenleaf returning back home after 20 years when her sister commits suicide. Grace left Memphis, because she told her family that her uncle had been molesting her sister but nobody believed her. Now that her sister has committed suicide, Grace is determined to make sure that her uncle Mac is finally punished for his sick acts. All season Grace searches for evidence and victims so she can put Mac away for good. As she searches for answers, scandal unveils in the church. The eldest Greenleaf brother Jacob is having an affair with his father’s secretary, the youngest Greenleaf daughter Charity is unaware that her husband is gay and the teenage grand daughters are doing cocaine… it’s just too much! 

Just when I thought Greenleaf couldn’t get any better, we find out that Calvary has a rival church! Didn’t know church’s have rivals but anyways yes, Triumph is introduced as the enemy church and throughout season 2 we find out there is scandal happening there as well. The pastor is gambling away the churches money, he purchases the empty lot across the street from Calvary to build Triumph 2 (super petty) and he seeks revenge on Bishop James Greenleaf who accidentally killed his father when he burned his church down years ago… it’s just insane. It may seem like I gave a lot away but that isn’t even the half of it… Greenleaf constantly unveils new story lines that are all cohesive and intertwined. And let’s not forget that Rick Fox is on it planning the sexy journalist who is dating Grace… I am all the way here for it.

So if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch Greenleaf check it out! It comes on every Wednesday on OWN and you can also find it on Netflix. I specifically recommend this show to black church goers, because despite the drama it still displays some positive aspects of the traditional church. 


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