Ta' shae Sterling is the founder of Happy Girl Glow, a lifestyle digital media company, aimed primarily at millennial women. This woman is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic, so we had to hit her up for an exclusive interview with CSUITEMUSIC Managing Editor, Michaela P. Shelton. Check out the interview and get to know Ta' shae!


  1. What is Happy Girl Glow and what inspired you to create it?

HGG is a lifestyle digital media company, aimed primarily at millennial women. We’ve successfully created a destination where real women who are really busy working to glow in life; whether it’s in a conventional workplace or in a classroom. We wanted to

be a resource to those girls and cultivate an environment where they can thrive with support in our community.


Ultimately what led me to create HGG and why I’m motivated to do what I do and build this lifestyle brand is because of intelligent, talented and personable women like Oprah, Martha Stewart, and Joanna Gaines. These women are serial entrepreneurs who have built successful brands by creating a lifestyle associated with their respective outlets. From watching them on tv to reading their books and magazines I’ve learned so much from them over these past years. They’ve really helped influence the woman I am today by instilling money management, cooking techniques, homeownership and more into my mind. I realized that there are other girls out there who could benefit from this same shared knowledge but won’t receive it because of their economical background or being a racial minority unless it is communicated to them in a trendy way.


This is the most dynamic, multi-faceted and technologically advanced generation of women that's ever existed. So our mission is to be a catalyst with the forward evolution of today’s girls. Our target of millennial women need this because our site inspires and enables our tribe to better themselves and #glowup.


In a time when most millennial women are underpaid and overeducated we are helping to level the playing field by strengthening their confidence and supporting them

to help ensure they succeed in what they set their minds to. They gain a real family when they subscribe to our box. An accountability partner.


    2. Why should women be apart of the Happy Girl Glow community? What makes this organization different from any other?

I’m really proud of the fact that our platform is one that college students can feel ok spending their money to join and shop our subscription box because they know they’ll receive so many high value products for a discounted rate in addition to access to in person meet ups with members as well as online support whether it’s assisting with their resumes or reading an essay for edits. Our community is here to truly benefit our members.


It’s a brand that gives busy women back the most valuable asset (time) when you purchase a subscription box you’re getting items you normally go out to stores and purchase (feminine hygiene, haircare, makeup, etc.) but instead now have it sent so conveniently to your doorstep. Even the articles we write are meant for you to read then learn something new & of value that will help conveniently inform your beauty, fashion and lifestyle decisions.

    3. What kind of resources can women get from Happy Girl Glow?

The resources are truly limitless. Ranging from free tips on social media (people love getting our instagram tips), help creating a plan of action for meeting your goals through consultations, free planner template sheets, emailing our team is always an option, we're here to edit essays, give notes on how to better craft your resume, using our platform to advertise for them, help you choose lipsticks and outfits plus MORE. 


      4. It is so dope that you have a #GlowMom section on your website. What inspired you to include a section for mothers?

Thank you so much. Honestly, truly… it’s one of those things that you don’t fully appreciate until you are one. What I mean is since becoming a mom I’ve truly gained a passion for helping other moms navigate through this crazy challenge and make it a lil less complicated because girl it’s HARD but women are so damn amazing that it’s mom’s out here making this hard job look effortless. Those graceful women are #GlowMamas for sure! So we love highlighting them on Mondays as our mom crush.


       5. How do you recruit your Happy Glow Girl Contributors?

Haha when you ask it like that it sounds like I’m enticing them to come join death row or cash money records hahaha but no seriously I love displaying our contributors on the site because you’ll see they are literally the young, busy and ambitious women we do this for so it only made sense to have them onboard. We have a galore.com writer who writes most beauty and lifestyle articles, a college student who writes about things relevant to her peers, myself and our fashion contributor are moms plus our millennial lifestyle content curator who always always delivers content that twitter audiences love to share.


So it was naturally just a great fit with each girl. The platform allows them to freely express things they are most interested in to an audience that is very much interested in receiving it. We’re always welcome to expanding the team so we invite anyone interested to reach out via hello@happygirlglow.com and just shoot your shot.


        6. We see the Glow Essentials for purchase on your website. Can you explain what’s in this kit and why it’s so essential?

The Glow Essentials is our inaugural subscription box filled with carefully curated products. All of which are organic and/or all natural. That’s what make them essentials. They’re highlighting your natural beauty and emphasizing the glow benefits that an organic lifestyle can achieve. We have all natural pantyliners in there, 10/10 girls who convert to all natural sanitary napkins admit to having little to no cramps and that’s because other brands are placing chemicals in there pads. We actually have mind stimulating things in there as well to assist with a mental glow up such as a Positivity Planner and New York Times #1 Bestseller “You Are A Badass”. Ahh I get excited talking about that box! It’s seriously filled with so many great goodies and it always feels good coming home after a long day to a package, right?!

       7. We see that you held your first event in March. Can you tell us about IlluminateHER? Is there any upcoming events? Give us the tea!

Girllll, IlluminateHER was EVERYTHING and more! Imagine going to a free event where wine or hot chocolate was provided, then you got to mingle and network with young boss women before gathering together and having a bomb conversation where you left feeling like you really got put up on game and were so happy you came! Oh yeah and actually sitting around a fire to really set a vibeeee. That’s what every single attendee including the invited speakers communicated to me. What will stick with me forever is someone pulled me to the side thanking me for creating Happy Girl Glow and making the resources so accessible. Nowadays everything seems so overpriced because people are so money hungry instead of genuinely wanting to help others and that person just really expressed that she appreciated the thought placed on the event being free.


Our next one will be in April and will be free. We held an Instagram poll to see what the girls wanted to chat about and looks like Credit tips/Financial literacy will be discussed. We’re based in Atlanta currently but being that I am a Bay Area native I will most definitely be hosting one there soon.


     8. What does a typical day look like for Ta’Shae Sterling?

Ah my days are so unconforming and anything but typical. Seriously, no two days for me are the same since becoming a 100% full time entrepreneur in January after being laid off from my job as a Remote Marketing Manager for a HR Tech Startup. Can’t really narrow down my day to day but I can say that the consistent is a cup of coffee in the AM and a glass of wine in the PM!

      9. You are such a talented individual! Besides Happy Girl Glow what other endeavours and projects are you apart of?

You’re too kind. Thank you so much. I’m the managing editor/founder of HappyGirlGlow.com and also manage all of our social media platforms. In addition, I am the CEO/Lead Content Curator of WorkandPro.com a career assistance agency where we craft resources such as resumes, cover letters, etc. I manage all of WorkandPro’s social platforms as well.

     10. As an entrepreneur, what has been your biggest challenges?

Staying consistent. As an entrepreneur we’re all scrappy and hustling/grinding in the beginning but sometimes all the effort we exude isn’t received with the same sensation from the consumers and that simply means 0 ROI (return on investment) and 0 profit. So, when that happens it’s easy to get discouraged and quit but that’s where you should choose to figure out what’s not working and continue with consistency. Fun fact, Consumers sometimes need to see your product/service in marketing advertisements at least 9 times before they decide to shop with you.


      11. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Daily I speak my future into existence and when I do it motivates me to tackle the day’s task/to-do list. What I find myself repeating to myself like a crazy person is your kid’s private school isn’t going to pay for itself, you won’t be able to keynote your conference if you don’t first do this, keep building your tribe because you’re making positive contributions to girls lives. SO in 5 years I’d like to just see myself hosting a sold out conference where I keynote and have positively affected the lives of many many many women. Oh & be financially comfortable that I have Connor’s private school paid off.


     12. What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs trying to get started?

Treat your business like a startup. Have a mission, establish the culture and feel you want future employees to have then express that in the voice you create for your business. Think of your business as a separate entity. Run it like a organization with budgets and departments. Keep your personal feelings away from customer service and always always stay professional. Hope that helps.


      13. What do you hope to accomplish with Happy Girl Glow before the end of 2018?

As we grow our audience I want to strengthen our community. Seeing real friendships and professional relationships being established through our directory and network is the 2018 goal which means that we have to take on the goal of hosting lots of events to keep providing the girls with opportunities to connect. We’re starting with Atlanta but before the end of 2018 hopefully will have been to different cities and states.


      14. How can our readers stay in touch with you and the rest of the Happy Girl Glow Community?

We would absolutely love for your readers to connect with us on HappyGirlGlow.com and join our emailing list. They’re going to really enjoy it.

To stay  in the loop, follow the Happy Girl Glow Community on Instagram @HappyGirlGlowOfficial andTwitter @HappyGirlGlow!

Michaela P. Shelton is Managing Editor of CSUITEMUSIC.com

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