Netflix has been making moves. There is an abundance of original content out there today. Not only does Netflix provide a platform for all artists attempting to make it in the multimedia industry, Netflix also provides artists of color with a great platform. And, the fact that there are blockbusters like the Matrix trilogy on Netflix now, is sure to generate traffic to the lesser known content.


As you probably know, Netflix periodically releases an onslaught of new material at once. This new material consists of dramatic movies and TV shows, documentaries, comedy specials, etc. The Incredible Jessica James, starring Jessica Williams and Get Out costar Lakeith Stanfield, was recently part of Netflix’s mass release of content.


 Most people watch films that are action packed, life-or-death, suspenseful pieces. These types of films are great, but what's wrong with the more subdued, episodic melodrama? Some of the best films are the episodic films. Think, for example Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It. That was a great film even though it didn't consist of that one element from the ‘writer’s toolbox’; the ticking clock.

The ticking clock is a goal that the protagonist must achieve within a certain time frame. In most films the ticking clock is life-or-death. It adds drama to the story and reveals a lot about the protagonist’s character. Not all ticking clocks are life-or-death in the literal sense, however. Sometimes the ticking clock might lead to a payoff that only affects the protagonist on an emotional or psychological level.

In The Incredible Jessica James, the payoff for Jessica (Williams) was more psychological. The ticking clock is not detrimental to society nor anyone other than Jessica. This makes the film a bit episodic and slow at times. There is very little that gets in the way of her achieving her ultimate goal. This film is a classic coming of age/relationship based melodrama. For Jessica, her ticking clock is detrimental to her world. As you get to know more about Jessica James, you'll realize that anyone can identify with her.


Have you ever been in love? Are you a creative person? Are you simply a person struggling through an issue that seems life-or-death to you? Probably. You'd most likely be able to identify with Jessica James on many levels. And, without giving away too much about the film, if you’re a writer, you’ll most definitely be able to connect with the character.


Jessica’s character arch is really great and humbling. It’s subtle, but powerful. You can see the moment that the character discovers her big ‘reveal’ which changes her forever. If nothing else, you'll leave this movie ready to re-evaluate yourself and change for the positive. The message in The Incredible Jessica James is that we all have room for improvement.


This film is a great way to spend date night, girls night, or a lonely night with Ben & Jerry’s, or Jack Daniels if that’s more your speed, after a bad break up. This movie will make you feel better. Despite the reason you watch The Incredible Jessica James, it’s a great way to spend an hour and a half. Enjoy.

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